Essay on “Keep the Windows Open” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Competitive Exams.

Keep the Windows Open

Everyone knows that air is essential to life. If we are stopped from breathing for five minutes, we die. But every-one does not seem to realize that bad air is almost as injurious as no air. The breathing of impure air slowly poisons the whole system, and causes ill-health and certain definite diseases.

Air is composed of two gases, oxygen and nitrogen. It is the oxygen we take into our lungs that is so essential to life. In what way? Well, the red blood which the heart pumps through the arteries to every part of the body, comes back to the lungs through the veins as purple blood laden with impurities, and especially with a gas which is poisonous to life. In the lungs it meets the oxygen breathed in from the outer air. The oxygen purifies and revitalizes the blood, which passes on to the heart to be pumped round the body once more on its life-giving mission. The poison gas, called carbonic acid gas, which the venous blood unloads in the lungs, is breathed out into the open air, and is thus got rid of from the body with every breath.

Now we can understand the double evil of breathing for any length of time the air in a closed-up and crowded room. First, we gradually exhaust the oxygen in the room, until we are not getting enough oxygen to purify and revitalize our circulating blood. Secondly, we are filling the air with that poisonous carbonic acid gas with every breath we breath out, and taking it in again with every breath we breathe in. The result is that the circulating blood becomes loaded with poison, which gradually reaches and poisons the whole system. The first effects of this poison are sleepiness, headache and lassitude, which will pass off when we get out into the open air. But people who habitually live in stuffy rooms and an impure atmosphere, eventually become liable to certain diseases arising from poisoned blood and deranged lungs, such as consumption.

We can now understand the importance of good ventilation. The windows and ventilators of the rooms we live in should be kept open, so that a current of pure air will al-ways be passing through driving the stale, used-up air out, and replacing it with fresh air laden with oxygen. It is specially important that bedrooms should be kept well-ventilated at night, for to sleep regularly in a shut-up room is to be slowly poisoned. And the more time we can spend right out in the open air, the better it will be for our health.

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