Essay on “Joys and Sorrow of School Life” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Joys and Sorrow of School Life

School is an edifice for erudition. Young, impressionable minds are moulded into responsible human beings here, it indicates the overall development of a child. It plays an important role of a child in shaping! the future of our country, like William Wordsworth has aptly said in ‘An Ode to Immortality’ that child is the father of man. Children are given lessons about life here, at times steered with an iron hand to instill a sense of righteousness, discipline and punctuality. In the long run these qualities stand them in a good stead. Either bitter or sweet, memories of school days often, leave an indelible image on young minds.

Teachers shoulder the responsibility of shaping the character of a child. They selflessly devote themselves in their mission. Each has his own way of imparting lessons. While some are liberal, some are strict but they have the best interests of the pupil at heart. Juvenile temperaments often fail to see this and develop an aversion towards the class of a strict teacher. Piling homework and projects tire a child. It eats into his playtime causing resentment.

Exams bring in its wake anxiety, nervousness and sleepless nights. This we remember long after leaving school. It gives some pupils cold feet. This may be categorized as bitter memories for some, while others may enjoy the sheer thrills of taking tests and scoring high marks.

Games period invariably ranks as favourite of most students. Not only do they enjoy playing in the open air but also learn to cooperate, think in terms of team, acquire a competitive spirit and give rent to the desire to lead and succeed. The petty fights in the playground give us our closest buddies. Later on in life, most of us fondly recollect these moments. While playing with friends we learn how to survive in the big bad world. Fighting spirit takes root during these formative years.

Annual sports day ushers joy for pupils. As a run up to the events, most classes are cancelled and rehearsals take its place. Attractive prizes also motivate many to put in their best.

School also cultivates the personality of a child by conducting various competitions like debate, elocution, extempore, quiz, painting, song and dance. Skills like public speaking and confidence are honed. Clarity and coherence of thoughts are developed. The creative aspect and the curiosity to gather knowledge about the world are encouraged. These activities bring out the best in an individual.

Good habits like reading are inculcated by making it compulsory for students to borrow in the library period. Books broaden our knowledge and our outlook on life. It helps us shed our prejudices and ignorance. It acquaints us with great minds like Einstein, Voltaire, Shakespeare, etc. They embody the wisdom of the ages, prompting us to think about bettering our present lot.

Experiences like the joy of standing first in class and the sorrow of losing a football match go into the making of school days. These are often referred to as the best days of our life, where we forge our first friendships; learn our first lessons on life. Every bit of these magical years is meant to be enjoyed, where the innocence and simplicity of childhood are helped to flourish.

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