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Jai Prakash Narayan

Shri Jai Prakash Narayan was born on 11th October, 1902 in Sitabdiara Village of Bihar. He was the “Uncrowned King of the People of India”. After finishing his education in the U.S.A. he returned to India. He was deeply influenced by Gandhiji.

He formed a separate political party known as “Socialist Party of India” after remaining in Congress for some time. He was jailed many times during the freedom struggle.

When India gained its independence in 1947, Narayanji did not join Congress despite Nehruji’s request.

He however worked with Vinoba Bhave in his Bhoodan Movement which urged the landlords to donate their land among the landless tillers.

In 1974 he returned to politics due to the corruption in political life and raised his voice in calling for total revolution.

Narayanji was never interested in minister ship. He was more interested in improving the condition of his people.

India can never forget the contribution of leaders like Narayanji who selflessly worked for the welfare of nation.

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