Essay on “Indiscipline among Students” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Indiscipline among Students

Indiscipline among students is one of the serious problems that not only us but even other countries of the world also face today. The unrest among the students is only a reflection of the despair prevalent in the society. Through media and newspapers, we come to know about the students who are barely in their teens indulged in brick batting, stone throwing and street brawls.

At times when the authorities cannot control them, they stoop to even filthy shouting and hooliganism.

Students feel that since they do not get jobs even after education, school and college education is useless. This does not happen with the weak students only but with the brilliant students as well. Every time they go for an interview they have to face rejections because people with connections get all the jobs. In frustration they even indulge in criminal activities and not behave desirably.

There are also those students who being fed up with unemployment organise rallies, demonstrations against the politicians with the help of other school and college students.

We cannot blame the students alone for their undisciplined behaviour because nowadays even teachers do not take enough interest in student’s career as they (teachers) get only a meager salary and to support their families they prefer private tuition classes, where they make money. In this way teachers are also to be blamed for the indiscipline among the students.

To eliminate indiscipline not only the student’s problems need to be addressed comprehensively the Government should also improve the pay scale and working condition of teachers so that their initiative towards students is restored.

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