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Indian Cinema: Good V/S Bad

Nobody can deny the fact that recreation is as important in life as work. All work and no play, makes life dull and boring. Life would lose its charm if there is no amusement in it. That is why recreation has always been an important part of human activity. The cinema represents the mystery of human life and thrown light on the inner secrets 3f the human life and heart. Even in ancient days, games and sports, dancing and singing, dramatics and hunting used to be the favourite pastimes that provided man with a welcome change in his dull And dry routine of work and labours. Fairs and festivals also serve the same purpose in this age of science, the modern man has devised various machines to amuse and entertain himself. Cinema is the most modern and most popular form of entertainment. It is an entertainment within the reach of all-the rich as well as the poor. In all seasons, in rain or sunshine, the cinema provides an excellent amusement to the people. Crowds of people can be seen standing in queues in front of the booking windows at all times of the day. With the coming of the television and video tapes, cinema has become a part of almost every home. It has become a part and parcel of life. Today we can live without food for a day but we cannot think of life without cinema. Cinema is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the modem world. Many of us, particularly young men, see pictures regularly. In society the talk often turns of film-stars, and their achievements. People like to have up-to-date knowledge about the films world. In the library, people wait for their turn of read `Film fare’, the most popular magazine full of stories of cinema and containing pictures of different stars. Thus, the cinema exercises a powerful influence on our lives today.

Recently the attention of the world has been drawn to the great possibilities of using the cinema as a means of education. In Europe, America and Russia educational films are being produced in large numbers. But in India also a beginning has been read.

The Central Government’s Ministry of ‘formation and Broadcasting has recently built up a library of educational and documentary films which are loaned free to school and colleges.

Cinema is very useful and educative entertainment. We see the pictures of dams, factories, rails, roads, tractors and 10 many other things of interest on the motion picture screen. We learns many new things which enrich our mind with interesting details of new information. Cinema has thus an educational value. Besides, cinema is a means of advertisement. It gives us soul stirring music that becomes the echo of our hearts. It is a cheap source of entertainment. In a poor country like India, it has got a great value.

Today, the films are of poor quality and fail to be true pictures of life. As it is, thoughtful people do not like the cinemas and discourage their children from seeing pictures. The fact is that the cinema today is regarded as a recreation only. But actually it should also serve the purpose of education. Moreover educational films dealing with scientific, literary, social and industrial subjects are not produced. They can provide both direction and useful information.

Cinema has lurking dangers in it. It has hit hard the laboring classes and the students. Undesirable cravings are harbored and evil company is allowed to breed. Eyesight, too, is affected and money is squandered recklessly-young boys and girls are, at times, their morals. Their attention is focused on fashions and lust. Film producers adore money and pay no attention to the moral and artistic side of the films. Most of the films present so-called love stories. The effect of such pictures on young minds is very bad.

The Government of India has introduced a strict censorship on films. It has laid certain moral and artistic standards to which a film must confirm. This is intended to put a stop of the production of cheap, vulgar, and sexy films. The evils of cinema should be denounced openly. Gross sex pictures should be banned shameless display of love should be avoided. The censor boards should be strengthened. The overall influence of cinema on the youth in this country has not been good and wholesome. Prizes are now awarded to the best picture of the year.

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