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India of My Dreams

Essay No. 01

Just like millions of hopeful people, even I have my own dreams of India I would like to see in the future. My happiness will riot have any limits once the India of my dreams comes into existence. Although India has made progress in various fields and has earned a name for itself, there are many changes that are yet to be made for further growth and progress of India.

Some of the cities and towns in India are clean and hygienic. They have wonderful buildings, monuments and places to visit. Many people wear good clothes. They travel in cars, motorcycles and public transports like buses and trains. There are several shops selling different kinds of articles. Things like different food items that are required daily, electric and electronic items, fancy and gifting articles, textiles, etc. are sold in shops.

The markets are crowded with people. One finds a flood of light, especially in urban areas. In the evening, the shine of the lights everywhere dazzles our eyes. However, even in the urban areas, there are many places of filth, dirt, sewage, and foul-smelling garbage. The towns and the cities are partly filthy and partly clean. The areas inside small and narrow streets and lanes are far different from the main roads.

India is a land of villages. The villages constitute 80% of India. Rural India is far more different from urban areas. Due to poverty, most of the people in rural areas are not well clothed. They look shabby and unclean. Their looks show that they are neither educated nor civilized. They do not seem to be healthy. In the villages, different types of crops are grown and they reach the markets in the towns and cities. The villagers work very hard to make the towns and cities prosperous. The Government certainly pays much attention to bring about social awareness among people of rural India. However, more and continuous efforts are needed to give a better look and to make people more and more civilized in the rural areas.

India of my dreams will be an India where village dwellers will be as smart, educated, well dressed, rich, and sophisticated as urban people. Crimes committed towards women, children, and the old will not take place. The cities and towns are one-half of India and the villages are another half of the country. The traditional quality, educational achievements, and economic prosperity will be equal in both urban and rural India. Each day we are progressing in various fields and the day is not far off when India of my dreams will certainly come into existence.


Essay No. 02


India of My Dreams

India has a great cultural heritage. It has a proud history of its golden age. Its glory was, however, lost when it came under the subjugation of a foreign power. India regained its freedom after a long period of slavery. We are well on the path of progress. But, the India of my dreams has still to emerge. India has achieved a lot in the field of education. In agriculture, much advancement has been made by mechanization and the use of scientific methods and processes. In science and technology, India has made great strides but much has still to be achieved. I have a desire that India should achieve a bigger status in the field of atomic energy. It should, however, be used for peaceful purposes. India should enter the arena of rich nations so that its people many enjoy all-around prosperity.

Essay No. 03

India of My Dreams

There is not a single person in the world who does not dream. Even I dream and I dream of my country ‘India’.

I dream of India being free from the clutches of terrorism, which can only be achieved by a global effort and by creating sufficient job avenues for youths so that everybody can earn his living peacefully.

But this can only materialize by the elimination of ignorance and illiteracy. When the masses can be properly educated they will be able to enjoy! the liberties which are rightfully given to them by the Constitution.

Furthermore, I would also like my country to use modern technologies which can help in industrialization be it small-scale or large-scale industries. Another important thing that I would like to see is the eradication of differences between the upper and the lower classes in the society so that all can live together without the thoughts of caste, color, creed, etc., crowding their minds.

Since the modern age is an age of science and information technology, I would also like to see the India of my dreams climbing the ladder of scientific and technological progress. This will also help Indian farmers in agriculture by making possible better use of fertilizers, seeds, and machinery.

I would also like to see India with its unique culture representing the belief and customs of its huge population. There should not be questions of racism, communalism, or regionalism which destroy the love between human beings.

The defense system of India should be so strong that no enemy dares to cast its evil eye on Indian soil. Security should be given paramount importance and this can only be ensured if it has strong military power.

I sincerely believe that if the above-mentioned measures are taken with utmost sincerity, then that time is not far when India will be counted not among the developing nations but as a developed nation.


Essay No. 04

India of My Dreams

There was a time when my Motherland, India, was considered a ‘Golden Bird’. This was because of its riches, vast natural resources, and the great, bright future it was expected to have in store, our rich, cultural heritage, old civilization, and vast knowledge in every aspect of life had endeared India and Indians even to the outside world. No wonder, foreigners had been taking a keen interest in us right from the dawn of their awakening.

But alas! It is all lost now Gone are the days of past glory, riches, reverence and, attraction. The country has witnessed a sharp decline in its overall image and we have now become a nation, inviting mockery, neglect, and indifference from outsiders.

India of my dream is, naturally, the same ancient land, full of peace prosperity, wealth, and immense knowledge. I want to see it free from the problems that are bringing bad names, destroying peace, and creating unrest and despair among the masses. In the first place, I sincerely wish poverty to be banished. Everyone must get three square meals a day. No one would cry out for food. Beggars would be hard to meet anywhere. Slums and `Juggi Jhopri’ colonies should nowhere be seen. Everyone would have a proper house to live in. Streets would be well-maintained and well-lighted. Care would be taken to keep a high standard of hygiene and sanitation. There would be free and compulsory primary education for all. All men, women, and children would be educated and no one would remain illiterate.

With the spread of education, population control would, naturally, follow Everyone would have a happy family of one or two children who would be well-fed, clothed, and regularly sent to school. Once the control in population is achieved, unemployment too would be non-existent. Every eligible person would have a job according to his aptitude and ability. Discontentment with job or salary would vanish. Men and women would come back highly satisfied and contented with their respective jobs.

Further, there would also be matchless progress in the field of agriculture and industry. Agriculture would no longer be dependent on favorable weather conditions anywhere in India. There would be adequate alternative means of irrigation so that at least drought would never affect the crops. We would be using the latest high-yielding seeds for bumper crops with the best fertilizers, and would not only be self-sufficient but export food to other countries.

The pollution problem in. our country too would be solved forever. Methods would have developed so that toxic fumes and effluents from motor vehicles and factories are reduced to a minimum. Research would also show the way of rendering these toxic fumes harmless once they are released into the atmosphere. People would then have a clean and healthy environment to live in. Industrial development too would have made further strides and we would not be backward in any area of industrial advancement.

All agree that India is a beautiful land with fascinating tourist spots. They too would be further developed and maintained well so that the present menace of beggars and unhygienic conditions is a story of the past. Monuments too would be well-preserved. All those in danger. of falling to pieces owing to the hazards of modern development, (such as the soiling of the Taj Mahal by the Mathura refinery) would be maintained by scientific methods.

The streets, gardens and shopping centers in all the tourist spots would be beautified. Foreigners would wish to return again and again to these places of beauty and this would lead to our earning valuable foreign exchange, besides strengthening the ties with foreign countries.

Social harmony would be preserved at all costs. The present-day evils would be done away with. The dowry system and bride burning would be regarded as primitive happenings as also child marriage, caste discrimination, and other such age-old customs. Women would be respected and liberated. Today, while they are working shoulder to shoulder with men, they are not always given the same scales of pay. In many areas of work, they are discriminated against. All this will be a past history

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