Essay on “Importance of Games” English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 for College and Competitive Exams.

Importance of Games

Games have over the years acquired large-scale popularity. People play both outdoor and indoor games with a great deal of enthusiasm. The reason for this is that people have become health conscious. Another reason is that now a player can earn a lot of money just by playing games Government and private sector companies give incentives to outstanding sportsmen and women by way of providing them good jobs, high salaries, and other facilities. However, playing games is also important because it shapes a person’s whole personality. Rules and regulations of the games make a person disciplined and alert. A player is more regular and sincere towards his job. By playing games one learns the value of co-operation and concentration Games are also instrumental in giving direction to the youth of the country. They guide them away from wasting their time on useless occupations like loitering about. Alertness, team spirit, and honesty thus learned to go a long way in making them good and productive citizens. Sports and games make a person healthy in body and mind. In the long run, an entire generation of young people becomes disease-free and robust. This factor contributes to the defeat of ill health in the country. In short, games and sports are the necessity of today, if we are to become a healthy nation of tomorrow.

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