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If I were the Prime Minister of India

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Essay No. 01

I wish I were the Prime Minister of India so that I might serve my country in a most humble manner The Prime Minister enjoys the highest place in the Government of India, next to the President. However, in reality, it is the Prime Minister who has the real power invested in him by the people of the country. He is the captain of the team of ministers who head various departments of the country. A Prime Minister should be a person with all the qualities of head, heart, and soul. He should be the benefactor of the masses. Any selfish motive on behalf of the Prime Minister can put the country into irreparable losses.

As a Prime Minister of India, I would see that poverty has vanished from this land forever and people get at least two square meals a day.

As a Prime Minister, I would work to bring about communal harmony in the country. People would not fight in the name of religion, caste, or language. I would take effective steps to check communal riots. My next step would be to fight corruption which is rampant these days throughout the country.

My next priority as a Prime Minister would be that India continues to acquire strength so that she can face internal disturbances and external aggressions from any quarters. I would not allow any complacence in this regard, because a weak nation always invites invaders. Armed forces of the country would be well-provided in all respects so that no enemy dares have evil designs against our sovereignty.

However, I would continue to follow the policy of peaceful co-existence and maintain friendly relations with our neighboring countries like China, Pakistan, Srilanka, and Bangladesh. India would not join any power blocs but she would always take a keen interest in the non-aligned movement. She would work for the welfare of mankind and endeavor to bring about a new economic order so that the developed countries of the world may not exploit the developing countries.

India is a country with a glorious past and it should be our effort to preserve our cherished culture and safeguard our independence and integrity through all possible efforts. The spirit of true nationalism needs to be improved in the people to work for its progress by leaps and bounds and fulfill the dreams of our great leaders who sacrificed their lives for her freedom.

Essay No. 02

If I were the Prime Minister of India

If I were the Prime Minister of India, I would first dismiss all the corrupt ministers from my cabinet. After adding good, sincere and honest men and women to the cabinet, I would go in for a ‘clean up’ operation. I would deal harshly with all those people who have been cheating the citizens of our country and filling their own pockets with money.

Next, I would ensure that every single man, woman, and child became literate, and attained at least a basic education so that each could become a self-respecting individual, able to support himself and his family in an honorable way. I would create job opportunities for everybody and try to help make them grow into good citizens who value the dignity of labor. No beggar would then be seen on the streets of India. With honesty and education, progress, and quality of life would follow naturally.

Lastly, I would try to put India on top of the world by giving a boost to the tourist industry, doing away with terrorism, and reviving some of our lost culture and traditions. At the same time, I would make sure that our science and technology progresses so that my country too can find its place among the developed countries of the world.


Essay No. 03

If I Were the Prime Minister!

If wishes were granted, I would definitely wish to become a Prime Minister. But the office of Prime Minister seems so distant from the reach of an ordinary student like me. Still, I have my own views about how a Prime Minister should be like. Should a fairy godmother ever smile on me, I have my own agenda which I would try to implement in our current political system for the betterment of the nation and people.

In the first place, I shall try to change the educational system of the country. The politicians would not be given any say in the educational system, as is the case these days. They seek votes in the name of caste, religion, and community. Since religion is the personal affair of every individual, I would not allow it to be played upon by the politicians. I shall sincerely try to keep violence away from the youth who are mostly infected by it.

Youths will be given jobs according to their qualifications. In my Prime Ministership, I would make education compulsory for both boys and girls up to the age of 18 yrs. I would also ban child labor and those who will still make them work will be punished heavily.

I would also implement vocational courses apart from studies in the school so that after schooling they can make careers of their own choice in life.

I shall also try to promote friendship with other countries in the world. I will invite the teams from other countries to play in India and all teams abroad.

The money spent on the purchases and ammunition would be spent on other projects from which India can truly gain.

Essay No. 04

If I Were The Prime Minister

If someday a fairy godmother asks me my wish, I would wish to become a Prime Minister.

The office of the Prime Minister seems so distant that it is beyond the reach of a person like me. But, still, I have my own ideas which I would like to implement if I were the Prime Minister.

I would definitely change the present educational system of the country and see that the politicians do not have any say in the education system as it is happening these days. Moreover, I would not allow seeking a vote in the name of caste, religion, and community because they are an emotional part of the personal affairs of each individual and the political parties should not be allowed to play with these.

Instead, the youths should be given jobs according to their qualifications and talent. In my tenure, I would make education compulsory for both boys and girls till the age of 18. I would also ban child labor and those who take work from children will be heavily fined.

I shall also promote friendship with other countries and will insist on the teams from other countries to play in India. Most importantly the money spent on the purchase of arms and ammunition would be spent on some useful projects from which my country will gain. And I would also make sure that no arms and ammunition are given in the hands of today’s youth, as it destroys their future.

To conclude, I would make India a corruption-free country.

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