Essay on “If I were a Religious Fanatic” for Kids and Students, English Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

If I were a Religious Fanatic

If I were a Religious Fanatic, my eyes would be completely coloured and covered with opaque glasses that would never allow me to see to any reasoning. At times I would wonder how I had become such a fanatic and then looking back, realization would dawn upon me. I would soon realize why I had become such a fanatic in this world of liberal thinking. Soon I would move backwards into my memory lane and then remember that, in my childhood I had been taught to be a strict believer and never relax my determination and belief at any cost. This attitude that developed in me since childhood days would have made me a staunch fanatic.

Once I would become a fanatic, there would be no reasoning for me. Whatever I’d believe, would be the last word by me and for me. All the time my effort would be to convince people that fanaticism is very essential for the survival of any religion. I would collect small congregations wherever I would go and lecture people about religion and its consequences to men. I would tell them that, if they relaxed any tenet of religion they would find no Saviour. Seeing uneducated masses, I would try to convince them of the necessity of being fanatics for their religions. After receiving some encouragement from small gatherings, I would try to further my designs by collecting bigger crowds and expanding my domain of teaching fanaticism. With teaching huge crowds and seeing them grow in their beliefs, I would be further encouraged and these lectures would become my profession and daily chore. My fanaticism would find an impetus when men of letters would also find place in my gatherings. The pleasure I’d feel seeing others also following the path of my fanaticism would be a fantastic feeling for me.

Once I would see that I have managed to get hold on huge numbers my plan would be energized still more. Now, I would go ahead to tell my followers that, my religion is the best of all religions of the world, and above all others. This working upon the sentiments of people of my religion I would enhance my crowds and, destroy the following of others. My stance would be just that, my religion is the best and the only one worthy of existing at all. I would teach my followers that all religions deserved to be destroyed. With people getting to believe that I can be considered to be correct, I would get wings and, this following would mark the turning point in my career of religious fanaticism.

 Now being convinced of the following I would start on the path of first destroying the followers of other religions. Then I would resort to destroying the places of worship of other religions. This process would be very slow and very meticulously planned. I would engage responsible and loyal followers of mine in spreading the word of hatred for other religions and lots and lots of talk of my own religion. This task would not be easy. I would have to highlight the good points of my own religion and then follow it all up with the flaws of other religions. I would continue to highlight how other religions were defective, and their followers debase and foul. At the same time I would also show how others have destroyed my religion and religious places. In this way I would infuse the desire of revenge in my followers. With this done, half the war would be won against other religions. Whether the others followed or not, my cry for war I would continue to fight as if a one-way war, like a one way traffic. My followers would start hate campaign and my task of spreading hatred for other religions would have been half done. This task of following a warpath against followers of other religions would continue ceaselessly till my last breath.

Thus, as a religious fanatic, I would very methodically encourage people to fight other religions and enrage people of my religion Against others. This would start a sort of a religious war between people of different religions. Success or failure as a fanatic would be put to a test whenever there would arise any controversy between any two or more religions. My only aim as a religious fanatic would be to destroy all other religions and followers of other religions as far as possible.

I would in the normal course get encouragement for my target by the response from the uneducated and unlettered masses. These masses I know can be twisted and turned any time and any number of times just as I like as, they have no power to think for themselves. It would be very easy to instill in these masses whatever I would like to and, as a religious fanatic, I would like them to start a hate campaign against all religious orders as, this is my only aim in life.

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