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Human Cloning

Human cloning was first heard of when a US based company “Clonaid” announced that it has cloned a human embryo. This news had set off a heated debate among the people regarding its ethical consequences. Cloning means make an identical copy of person or animal.

Britain is the only country which has allowed the cloning of a 14 days old human embryo but that only for the medical experiments. The misuse of cloning can be enormous. They are not only horrible to think of but also completely against the human rights.

Humans must not be cloned for they are not animals but creatures of highest order in the kingdom of God. But scientists are of the opinion that they will clone humans simply for their experiments. Moreover the cloned human are more prone to genetic problems. But cloning can be useful to those couples who cannot have a child either due to the failure of male’s primary germ cell or where the women is unable to conceive.

A cloning of human being involves a long procedure. Firstly the cell nucleus of an adult is taken from an ordinary body cell, since the nucleus of each cell contains all the genetic information of the Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) for a complete human being. The nucleus cell extracted from the donor transplanted into an unfertilized egg cell. Then the embryo is transplanted into a woman’s uterus where the embryo would develop and produce an exact copy of the person whose DNA was used.

To conclude we can say that human cloning is still neither fully accepted nor medically justifiable.

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