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How to Make India United and Strong?

Tremendous changes have overtaken India and the rest of the world in the course of last 60 years since its independence. The world is moving further. No country can afford to stay in splendid isolation. At the dawn of Independence, we had ‘ the supreme privilege of inheriting a legacy which many other nations that became independent around this time did not have. Leaders with foresight, high ideas and spirit of working steered India to the vanguard of many developed and under developed nations that have achieved a high degree of solidarity, making this country a power to reckon with in global affairs. We should indeed feel a sense of pride on our progress which we have achieved during the period which began from Nehru Era to date. No doubt that India could progress both on the domestic and international fronts we have to do much more to make India a strong and powerful economic force of the world.

Unless a nation is strong enough internally, it cannot win the recognition and sense of respect from other countries. There is a need I of perfect national integration and unity for oneness. If we want to see I India a country of 21st century and an economic force of the world, we have to lead all along unitedly.

India is a vast country. Indian society is divided into a number of castes and sub-castes. Different languages are spoken in different parts of the country. Every region has its own regional or local language. Moreover, India is the home of people following different religions. They are Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Parsees, Jains, Budhists and so on. The problem of national integration can be solved by uniting these different people into a single whole. How to foster national unity among so varied a people, how to develop national consciousness among them, are the most serious problems which India is facing today. There is a requirement to create political atmosphere that can bring all the people under one umbrella, who should work unitedly for the sake of their nation and achieve country’s goal as fast as possible.

History of India speaks about internal quarrels which had been its worst enemy. Separatist tendencies have always resulted in its fall. It was divided into a large number of small States which evolved themselves in fighting with each other. National consciousness had always been lacking under such situation. That caused weakness and it was conquered by one foreign invader after another.

No doubt English is a foreign language, but it did much to bring the people of India closer by virtue of its swift means of communication. This language was acceptable to all the people of the country irrespective of their regions and regional languages. It could connect the people of different regions upto some extent. But Casteism, Communalism, Provincialism and linguistic quarrels had been most serious threats to the freedom and big obstacles for smooth progress of the country. The communal riots took place at different places repeatedly which spoiled the neighbourhood and unity among the people.

There was a demand for the secession of the South from the North though the situation is now normal. But some new affairs came up during past few years in other parts of the country. Nagas started claiming for greater Nagaland. The Sikhs were clamouring for Khalistan. The Bodos are claiming for Bodoland. There were agitations on foreigners issue a number of times in Assam. The Kashmir separatist groups are fighting for independence. They are being supported by Pakistan. Terrorism has been on the rise in Kashmir. All these are the serious threats to the unity and sovereignty of the country. India has to seek a political solution for such issues.

There is a big requirement of unity which can only bring the strength for better result. The national integration is the foremost need of the day. There is a necessity to create emotional integration and a sense of unity among the masses. The people of the country are required to be educated right from schools. The course of teaching in schools should contain enough perception to influence them for national integration and unity. That will bring the feeling of oneness and belongingness among the people. Those kind of motivations will mould the people to shoulder the responsibilities for ensuring brightfuture of their country. The students and common youth can play an important role for strengthening national integration and unity. The electronic and print media are the best means for giving impact towards integration and unity amongst the masses through their relevant programmes and articles.

We should take the example of how the Soviet Union collapsed in the absence of national unity. They lost the concept of balance of world power forever. After the demise of the USSR, the USA became unilateral power and started dictating to the entire world. The disintegration of the Soviet Union weakened the country and its States though they ate novo repenting for their evil deeds.

The world has changed. The scenario is now different. The countries of the world are giving more importance for the progress. They are diverting their attention for enhancement of science, techno-logy, trade and commerce. Each and everyone wants to boost its economy, India has the capacity to move into the superpower league and emerge as an economic force of the world. It has already set up infrastructure to achieve the goal. India and China are two big competitors of this sub-continent which are already accelerating global competition with an objective to go a long way. It is time for all countrymen to rise as one in a spirit of belonging to ensure that India wins the world’ s race and its dream of becoming superpower comes true.

We have a great faith in our countrymen. They have already set up examples during the wars fought with China once and with Pakistan thrice. The whole of the nation, irrespective of castes, communities and region stood united to face combined menace of the enemy. There are numerous other examples of unity which the countrymen showed during national emergency as well as during natural calamities when disaster struck very badly at different times and different parts of the country. We can quote the example of Tsunami in which a huge number of people were killed and a lot of property was washed away recently during December 2004. Our countrymen irrespective of the region they belonged to came forward whole heartedly for tackling the crisis and extending assistance to the victims. It was really a remarkable response they showed on all possible fronts. Indians set up examples of their unity, integrity and sacrifice many more times which have been praised by the whole world as and when any fatality occurred. We all are Indians. India is our motherland. We all have the joint responsibility for safeguarding public property, checking in-fructuous expenditure, assisting the government on development work, putting hard work for better progress, doing all efforts to eradicate social evils and creating the feeling of oneness among the masses. If everyone works sincerely and with a sense of responsibility, we can take our country far ahead very soon.

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