Essay on “How I Spent My Summer Vacations” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

How I Spent My Summer Vacations

Whosoever introduced the tradition of vacations must have been a genius. Change is the law of nature. Vacations give a chance for a change from routine life which must have gone monotonous and boring. After the examinations holidays are indispensable. Summer vacation is a long holidays for about two months.

Examination stress has told upon my health. Late night preparations for examinations have left me sapless. So my first thought was to regain my energy and health. I decided to follow a regular schedule. Daily I went out for a morning walk to be in the lap of nature and in the park itself took some physical exercise. During examination I could not pay proper attention to my food. Tea, tea and tea was my lady love. l mother. I started taking nourishing food as per the wishes of my sweet a real change in my body.

I bid a farewell to my text books but novels and short stories remained my constant companions. They provided me a lot of recreation. Now I understand why books are called permanent friends. For fifteen days I joined music classes also.

It was difficult to remain at home throughout the vacation. I went to see my friends and relatives at different places. This way I spent a month and a half.

I always longed to see mountains. The month of June was intolerably hot. I and my friend Rakesh went to Shimla for a week. There was nothing else between us and nature. Occasionally we did glance some story books. We spent a week of complete rest and relaxation.

Now only a week or so wad left. I was fully refreshed and had improved my health. Last week was spent making preparations for the new session. And it was a pleasure to do that. I got new dress stitched.

A change from routine is certainly refreshing. Coming hard schedule did not frighten me anymore. I was, physically and mentally ready to welcome it with frolic head.

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