Essay on “How a Scientist Serves the Nation?” for School Students, English Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

How a Scientist Serves the Nation?

Tremendous changes have overtaken the world in the course of last co years. Nobody and no nation can afford to stay in splendid isolation. The role of scientists has become very important for meeting with the complex changes coming in series.

There has been a revolution in the field of science and technology. The scientist has contributed a lot in this direction. The job of a 0 scientist is to dedicate himself towards his objective. His observations f’ are minute and in the direction of new search that he gets after applying a long study and a hard work. The main object of the scientist is to invent new things that he can bless upon the man. A lot of changes are coming every-day due to scientific research. There has been tremendous development in the research work. The advanced research, which has invented new technology, has made us modernized.

We were importing a maximum number of items, almost all the machineries, tools, equipments and arms from outside during the past. Our scientists worked hard in various Research and Development Laboratories and succeeded in introducing the substitutes with latest ‘ technology, which met our requirement and made us self-dependent. India started manufacturing the things at lower cost. We are now in a position to export maximum items outside and we have a good image in the global market.

The scientists have given a number of means of fast communication which have brought the world into our grip. We can control maximum deals through communication which has changed the practice of going physically. for doing work. We are able to do the works speedily through the means of information and communication which are now available with us adequately. There has been a revolution in the field of information technology. A number of private, both Indian and multinational companies, have entered in this field with close and competitive service to the users. It has become quite cheaper which is now within the reach of a common man.

India has advanced a lot in the field of information technology is doing a good business with the countries of the world. A large number of I.T. professionals are passing out from different institutes every year and performing well within the country and abroad. The scientists are still working for making the communication system faster as it has a great relevance with the efficiency, the progress, and the effective business both within the country and outside.

Indian scientists have shown commendable performance in Research and Development works related to defence requirements. We are manufacturing modernised weapons, fighting equipments, fighting crafts, tanks, rockets, missiles and equipments which systematize for fast information and communication. India is militarily strong in the world. The very reason for strengthening our military capability is that we are enabling ourselves for the production befitting our defence requirement. We are in a position to export latest military arms, ammunition and equipments by virtue of successful research work by scientists. The efficient performance of arms and ordnance factories, to whom the scientists have offered new machines and latest technology, also plays a significant role for enhancing our exporting capacity.

It has been possible by virtue of deep study and dedicated work of scientists. We have launched a number of satellites one after another and made the world wonder struck. India has launched most of the satellites in the last two decades which have taken the country forward in all the fields including space research programme. We have already launched more than three dozen satellites right from 1963 till date.

India, which has a vast reservoir of scientific and technical manpower, has very high vision for developing indigenous technology. Its priorities for promoting technology research are initially in the important fields like Agriculture, Industrial, Medical, Supercomputer, Meteorological, nuclear, space, Microbiology, information, cooperative and so on. Its vision is to make the advanced technology as a major instrument for achieving national goods of self-reliance and economic development in these areas. The scientists are doing enough for promoting the technology in these fields through their dedicated efforts. They have the high level of research and development programmes in this direction in commensurate with the best of their ability which they can attain in country’s higher research and development institutes.

There is a big problem of brain-drain to-day in the country. The scientists have played a positive role in reducing it by making the research work more lucrative through a valuable reputation and fruitful outcome. That has improved job conditions in scientific institutes and created broader employment opportunities in this profession which is generally offered to high brains. That has worked in a positive manner for attracting country’s scientific talent and has helped in minimizing the brain-drain.

A scientist plays an important role in inspiring the youth of the country. The scientist educates others by setting an example through his purposeful research work which motivates them for diverting their attention towards the profession. Their serious efforts always help for emerging themselves as renowned inventors, who can do better for mankind.

This is an age of globalization. India is an active contender in it. It is the scientists who can play a vigorous role for making the country an economic force of the world through technological advancement. It is necessary to establish the position of the country at world level and achieve the goals in this modern age by competing with others.

India is emerging as a strong country in the world. We have achieved tremendous progress in the field of science, technology including information technology. Our economic growth is fit for achieving the desired progress. We are to-day self-sufficient in a number of fields. We are most successful in the field of foreign trade and commerce. There is a strong strategic role of India in the world by virtue of its sound capability in the fields of economic, political, diplomatic, military and foreign policy. It is rightly moving towards 21st century and for that maximum credit goes to Indian scientists who have contributed a lot for the nation. The countrymen expect that our scientists will play much more and crucial role for taking India towards its destination of becoming the power of the world in the coming years.

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