Essay on “Holidaying in Singapore” for School, College Students, Long and Short Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Holidaying in Singapore

  • My first trip abroad.
  • Visit to Cinemania
  • Visit to Ming village.
  • Visit to NTUC Lifestyle world.

My trip to Singapore was my first trip outside India. The people were charming and welcoming.

Our first visit was to ‘Cinemania’, Singapore’s simulation theatre. The theatre has an amazing sound system and a huge screen. Surround sound and computer synchronized motion seats combine with real wind to create an incredible ride.

Our next stop was the Ming village. It is known for its porcelain. We got to watch the craftsmen at work. Mom purchased a beautiful porcelain tea set.

In the evening we went to the NTUC Lifestyle world. This place had everything; food, drinks, shopping and entertainment. We visited the Escape Theme Park first and then took the Flute Ride and the 360-degree Cadbury Inverter. After that we decided to have dinner. Although we were spoilt for choice we selected Malay and had a sumptuous spread. I was so exhausted I couldn’t sleep that night. The next day, we did lots of shopping and the day after we returned. It was the most amazing holiday, I have ever had.

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