Essay on “Hindutva” for Kids and Students, English Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.


What do we mean when we use the word ‘Hindutva’? I am sure that, people who use it on pulpits and platforms hardly even care to understand what the word implies and what it really stands for.

In my opinion, Hindutva is the word used for the Hindu way of life, and not a closed book religion as most people understand it to be. When it is used as a scorn, it becomes obvious that, people do not understand the meaning of the word ‘Hindutva’. It is often heard people talking of spreading Hindutva, it is rather difficult to understand what they imply. Hindutva being the Hindu way of life has obviously to be found in every nook and corner of India, and why not, after all, it is the Hindus who are in a majority in India, and their way of life has to dominate the scene. It is difficult to understand why the spread of Hindutva is referred to as if a plague is spreading and it will destroy lives. It is no surprise if Hindutva dominates the Indian Sub-Continent as, when Hindus are in majority, their way of life has also to dominate. In this the very obvious is being questioned, and talked about in quiet over tones as if a scandal is being discussed.

The reason for this situation faced by the Hindus and Hindutva is not far to seek. Hindus are basically peace loving and caring. This is exactly why so many religious sects see existence and even growth here. Let all be very clear on the fact that, if Hindus would seek to disallow growth of other sects, they could not have existed and flourished in this India. It is courtesy Hindus that for centuries people of all hues have come to India stayed here and flourished here. This is the irony of circumstances that today, the same Hindus who encouraged all to come within their land are at the crossroads and being questioned about their way of life. All this is because in the last five and half decades of India’s independence the Hindus have been near crushed into a nothingness in their own home. This is the only country in the world where the Hindus that is, the majority has always had to succumb to the pressures of the minorities, and above all, they have always done it happily and willingly in order to accommodate others in their truly secular way of thinking. However, this large heartedness and magnanimity of the Hindus is now being taken too far and taken for granted. Their magnanimity is possibly being even considered as their weakness.

The present situation is just that, the sleeping Hindus have got a jolt and have awakened to the deadly situation confronting them. It seems they have realized that, if they keep sleeping as in the past they may be crushed into nothingness forever. The raising of heads from the slumber is being taken as a revolt – a revolt to establish’ Hindutva’.

It is true that, the minorities must stay as equals and, this, the Hindus have never ever objected to. However, that broadmindedness of the Hindus does not imply that they should be crushed at every point and forever. It does not mean that, the minorities should forever enjoy privileges never to be enjoyed by the majority that is the Hindus. As facts stand today there can be seen a blatant attack on the basic rights of the Hindus – the-majority. Is there any other sect in the world that gives as much to their minorities? If not then, instead of appreciating the Hindu secular style of life, Hindus are being subjected to continuous thrust downwards. It is this situation that has given an impetus to the movement of Hindutva. It has awakened the sleeping Hindus which no one in India seems to like. This is again because the Hindus have taken this abuse for so long that people do not like the awakening as, they are not used to it.

No matter what happens we must remember that it is a fact of Science that every action has a reaction. Since the Hindus have never reacted, people do not expect it and thus do not like it. However, the principle of Science of every action having its reaction also cannot be forgotten. Since the Hindus have been subjected to the whims and fancies of the minorities for more than half a century the obvious reaction is for all of us to see. The reaction from the Hindus is being mockingly defined as the spread of Hindutva. The is in reality not for the spread of Hindutva but for a demand for fairness and justice in dealings. Suppose for a moment even, if we accept that it is all for the spread of Hindutva what is wrong in this even. If Hindutva does not exist and spread in Hindustan then where else will it go to spread its wings. Let us thank all who have awakened the sleeping Hindus from their slumber of more than five decades.

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