Essay on “Higher Education” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Higher Education

There is a specific distinction between basic and higher education. Every citizen has the right to get basic education. It is affordable irrespective of the class and financial status of the children. It merely provides the basic and simple education to the students. Our government is keen and has outlined the programmes from time to time through each and every five-year plan to provide basic education to all the citizens of the country. Basic education is a fundamental right of every citizen and it should be provided to all in order to eradicate illiteracy in the country. But the aim of higher education is different. Higher education is given for developing one’s skill and expertness in a particular subject opted by him. It empowers a man to work in a specific field. The aim of higher education is to gain the competency on the matter studied, make a good use of the knowledge for working, build up better career and work in a specialist manner with his ability which he possesses through higher education. It could be useful in the public interest, the institution and the nation. Nothing worthwhile can be achieved without higher education.

The process of basic education is simple and any person of average intelligence can do it needfully. But higher education is subject to better academic record gained following basic education and qualify the screening test that is conducted for admission. It is necessary to work hard for generating competitive spirit to grove eligibility for entry into higher education. The basic purpose of higher education is detailed study, which gives the quality of being expert in a particular field. It develops one’s ability to go for research or identical work related to the subject.

In the olden days the requirements were limited. Man was doing all the work manually. His aim was merely to survive. Consequently, with the advancement of science, research and technology, the world is moving very fast and has shrunk due to the effect of scientific inventions. We cannot afford to be narrowly patriotic leaving behind the modernization and scientific advancement. We are the citizens of one world. The time has come to change our mentality, comparing ourselves with the rest of the world which is going towards modernisation. The people are to be educated through higher education and made professionally competent for enabling them to do better in a specific field. That can be possible only when we succeed in providing higher education adequately to our children for bringing specialization in a particular subject.

We need to stress more on research work for competing with advancing technology and making India’s stand solid in global market. There is a requirement to make our research institutes of world class and create a climate of super education for achieving distinct scientific results through research work. We need good scientists who can play a greater role for the progress and prosperity of the country. There is a lot of change coming every day due to scientific development. The new technology has made us modernized to enjoy new environment. We need more vigilance in this direction. We have to take India to lead the global market and make the nation prosperous. There is a need of interlink between higher education, advanced studies and scientific research works for effective functioning and bringing lucrativeness in the profession, for enabling the high brains to turn in that direction within their own country. There is a big problem of brain-drain to-day. We want to check it and make a good use of talented persons in our institutes of science. That can be possible by improving the educational standard making it vocative and upgrading the quality of expertise for enabling qualified youth to work skillfully.

India is a developing country. We have yet to achieve a lot in the field of agriculture, development work, health care, defence and industrial modernization. There is a great role of engineers, doctors, scientists, expert agriculturists, educationists, economists and competent administrators, which we can get through higher education. We can achieve the highest goal of the life through higher education. That will be a key factor by which we can achieve the goal and can be self-sufficient. If a student is an ambitious one, he should choose a subject of his choice for higher studies which will empower him to achieve the goal which he was desiring to achieve. It makes clear that the higher education has the great relevance with scientific achievements as a basic norm that everybody follows. It is necessary to go for higher education to acquire better prosperity. The people must understand that there is a great value of higher education which makes a man capable of taking heavy responsibilities of the future.

Higher education inspires young men and women for distinct work that would lead them to offer a new thing to mankind. Such education is all the more necessary for a developing country like India. It is already looking for highly educated, talented and creative youth who can invent new things and extend a contribution for enhancing the progress of the country in view of the prevailing global scenario.

India is still lagging behind in the field of higher education. There are very few universities which are maintaining good quality of higher education. They have the name and fame at international level. Most of the universities of our country are not doing so well. We need to work a lot for the improvement of such sick universities ensuring good quality of education for coming generations. There is a need of political will to take effective steps to give new look to higher education which should be commensurate with the country’s as well as the world’ s requirement as this is an era of globalization.

India is emerging as a strong country. We have to go ahead. Higher education has the direct relation with our performance and progress. We can make our higher education more effective, useful, inspiring and broadly workable in all the fields particularly in the fields of educational professionalism and research work. These two aspects are very important and need competence for producing better students, who in turn can upgrade the efficiency of all the institute connected with country’s progress. In the fast changing technology, the role and responsibility of the scientists have increased for fulfillment of India’s latest scientific requirements. In these circumstances a good quality of higher education only can help in achieving our goal of making India a beautiful and strong nation.

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