Essay on “He for the Sword, for the Needle She” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

He for the Sword, for the Needle She

This adage suggests and implies a complete demarcation of the works and duties of men and women. Yes, maybe this is what the creator meant it to be like. For, men and women have absolutely different qualities of head and heart, which makes it obvious that, they were naturally meant to be different, remain different with different roles to perform in their lives. This neat bifurcation of roles has been quite true for last so many centuries before the advent of the 20th century, when the adage has taken a walk over.

With the education of women that took some momentum in the 20th century, things have changed tremendously, and, there is no distinct division of the duties to be performed by men or by women. Both men and women can perform all the jobs hitherto earmarked for each of them. We find women working in all spheres where only men were found to dominate. So similarly, men are also found performing household chores of cooking changing the baby’s nappies etc. There is today no field of men that women have not entered, and made deep inroads. We find women engineers, doctors, teachers, lawyers and the list goes on. All these professions were earlier the exclusive domain of men only. With the women thus found working out side the home it is but natural that the men also help in the household work. Thus, in to-day’s scenario, there is absolutely no distinct demarcation between the spheres of work for men and women, as, both can enter any arena as per their desire or their compulsions. In this scenario thus, the adage – “he for the sword and for the needle she” does not hold good any more. They are both entering each other’s domains and also excelling in them.

We find women enter almost every sphere and also excel many times doing much better than men. This goes to prove that, in reality women are not cut only for specific jobs they can enter any arena and come out with flying colours. They have entered all male oriented jobs and done well. At the same time men also have shown their capacity to excel in jobs that were at one time the sole domains of women. We find men as fashion designers, tailors, chefs etc.

Thus, at least in the present day context we must admit that, there is a complete intermingling of tasks performed by men and women, and that there are no jobs only for men and none only for women there is no such earmarking of jobs.

Yes it may be true that to-day men and women perform all sorts of tasks that were at one time viewed as men’s or women’s, and so, the adage. ‘He for the sword for the needle She’, is no more relevant.

However, though this situation may be true in the modern world but, when God made men and women, he instilled in them different and absolutely divergent qualities. Women delicate but men strong, women emotional and men near heartless, women loving their nest the home men loving the outside world and so on and so forth. When this was done it is certain, God meant the two to supplement and complement each other and not out do each other. HE, the creator surely did infuse in them specific qualities of He and She, and surely this must have been with a purpose. God must never have wanted the two to step on each other’s feet. So, when this was not the creator’s scheme and man has done it, it will not get the approval of the creator, and so this is undoubtedly creating havoc in lives of both men and women. This havoc must be checked and the plan of God maintained, as, if it is not done so, the world will become more and more disorganized and unworthy of living. For, if we have the qualities of performing one special task, we will not succeed in the long run by performing another. Every task requires different instruments, special calibers and different bent of minds. Only when we do what we are meant to do we will succeed, and if we do something that we are not cut for, we will certainly get a bad taste in the mouth. Here in lies the truth of the statement, ‘he for the sword for the needle she.’

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