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Hard Work —the Key to Success

Essay No. 01

It is an undoubted fact that hard work is the key to success. You cannot achieve anything without hard work. If you want to do well in your studies, you have to work hard; if you wish to be the best athlete in your school, you must run faster; if you wish to be remembered as the best student of your school, you must put in more effort.

Right through the ages, we find that great men and women the world over, have worked hard to achieve success. Edison, who invented the electric bulb, worked twenty-one hours a day; Florence Nightingale, who revolutionized modern nursing, supervised her staff during the day and did extensive research on medicine during the night.

The word ‘rest’ did not exist in Mahatma Gandhi’s dictionary. Indira Gandhi worked tirelessly for our nation. Even popular film stars, sportsmen, models, and pop singers of today have had to work their way up. Their success was not given to them on a silver platter.

So if you want to fulfill your ambitions, work hard and do not be frightened of failure. Failure is nothing but an opportunity for you to try again—maybe a bit harder this time. You must make full use of your talents and remember that success can only be achieved by hard work. There is no shortcut to success.


Essay No. 02

Hard Work Is The Key to Success

An inactive person depends too much on luck and opportunity. He waits with his folded hands for some fair possibility to come his way. As a result, he keeps waiting while others walk much ahead of him and attain what they work for. Some people are always actively searching for short-cuts and then they wonder, why they are unsuccessful. They are not able to recall that, hard work alone is the key to achievement. We can see this from the lives of great men who, due to hard work and full dedication, have achieved so much. Thus, if we continue to work hard and have full faith in God, nothing can stop us from going ahead and touching the sky. We can very well see how hard work has helped men to achieve great heights. For example, Mahatama Gandhi worked very hard with his policies and principles to free India from British rule. Similarly, we can see the lives of various eminent scientists who, with their hard work, have achieved success and received Nobel prizes for their work. It has been truly said that a person who works hard, is always blessed with success. Thus, if we have to attain success in our lives we must work hard.

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