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Happy Life

Everybody wants to lead a happy and joyful life. A man does his best to achieve happiness. They are lucky enough who succeed in bringing the fruit out of their work, which gives them happiness. However different people have different ideas, ways, and means, through which they enjoy happy life.

Happiness is something which springs from within. A man feels light-hearted in a soulful manner for good result, when achieved by him. It gives great satisfaction to him, his family members and companions. Not only that, his efforts are appreciated by others and in some cases he is honoured for his good actions. That gives him happiness as an outcome of dignity for good deeds. That also sets an example for others to follow. His happiness is multiplied, when others, who after following his foot prints, do good work and are rewarded in the similar manner. It again gives a great pleasure to him and his friends when his good work is advertised through newspapers and televisions. All his friends and companions feel proud of him and compose good words about him. It becomes another occasion of his happiness.

There are two major objects before a man for which he works. One is to meet the necessity which is essential to live in. Another important aspect is to feel satisfaction and fulfilment of essential desires. Accordingly, a man establishes himself for better living. He also arranges good schooling for his children for better development, education and career. All these are inter connected with happiness of both parents and children. They feel great satisfaction when they find good result and good position as a virtual effect of good schooling. Similarly, there are a number of students who choose extra co-curricular activities in the school, where their interest falls and they feel very happy. In that situation they generally do better by virtue of their interest and earn joy and delight.

There are hard-working people. They work day and night by putting hard-work. They are getting good result too, but do not feel mental satisfaction. Such types of people are deprived of happiness. Satisfaction, mental peace and contentment are essential for a man for his happiness. There are various examples of happiness and unhappiness in the life. A poor man, who merely earns his bread, feels satisfaction and enjoys sound sleep. He carries happiness in his mind. On the contrary a king and millionaire if they carry many desires and worries, would not feel satisfaction and happiness. The person who tries to get more and more can never be happy. The religious teachers always emphasize the ideal of simple life, which alone brings a real happiness. It is the requirement to minimize the wants in order to maintain happiness in our life. If we go through the preachings of Christ, Buddha, Guru Nanak and Gandhi, they always stressed and gave importance to voluntary renunciation of worldly wealth as a way of happiness. They advised people to give up luxurious life if they wanted to get real happiness. As per their views there is no limit of desires. One has to fix the limit and gain satisfaction. Indeed, it is only by minimizing our wants up to the extent of necessity that we can get perfect happiness. The greater the simplicity of life, the greater the happiness. It is a universal truth.

Happiness is created in an artistic manner by those who are creative in bringing and originating the things into existence with new look. They enjoy the work and do it with eagerness to achieve the object, which is their ultimate aim. The people of that category carry on the job with interest, and that contains satisfaction and happiness. People of these categories work for mental satisfaction rather than for earning wealth. An artisan is more keen to promote his art and his name more than squeezing the money out of his skill. lie is always enjoying his work as a true professional and ever leads with happiness. Similarly, a film actor or the sports person enjoys his performance more than what he gets as a return out of it. There happens to be a keenness in his performance which always carries the feeling of creativity and joy, which exactly he enjoys thoroughly.

Happiness has great relation with health. Those who have limited desires, keep themselves satisfied and happy. They feel tension free and maintain good health. In other cases, people are generally the victims of mental tension which tells upon their health. In fact, they suffer from many diseases due to unhappiness and mental tension. Good health is most important. One can maintain health by creatingthings which generate happiness. Man can avoid many things which create tension unnecessarily. He can do the things in such a way that it brings joy and happiness at least for the sake of his good health.

Man is a social creature. He wants a good society, family and friends to live-with and enjoy. He wants activities which generate joy and happiness. A man can get enjoyment through collective activities in the society. Various traditional and customary functions including songs, dances, system of celebration of various festivals and theatrical performances are the examples which create joy and happiness. In fact, these are essential in the society for leading a happy life.

An idle man cannot be happy. It is said that an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. One has to keep oneself busy in the work for one’s happiness. One should work with interest by carrying a goal in one’s mind. Work is always a great blessing for us. We should work sincerely and with enthusiasm which will surely give desired result and happiness.

These are the various ways and means which give a feeling of mental satisfaction and happiness to a human being. Happiness can be felt only from within and cannot be derived from worldly possessions and riches.

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