Essay on “Good Manners” for School, College Students, Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Good Manners

Good manners are the ultimate prop of any society that wants to survive and thrive. Good behaviour, politeness kindness and obedience to rules and norms fall under the purview of good manners. Man is a social animal. To live comfortably, peacefully and with self respect he must have good manners. Good manners broadly mean due-consideration and respect for the feelings of others. A good mannered person is tolerant and he never minds small bitterness and inconveniences. Good manners cost nothing but they pay rich dividends. Their display converts enmity into friendship, jealousy into hugs, and bloodshed into milk of kindness. They create congenial atmosphere where saplings of human set-up comfortably grow and flower into. They are learnt through interaction. They place man on the high pedestal of maturity. They are never signs of weakness and helplessness. The fact is, good manners give the right to man to be called ‘the roof and crown of creatures’. They help him to steal a march on animals and affirm his superiority. They are infectious and are required in every walk of life. They make a complete man and much sought-after commodity. They guarantee victory over all odds. So they are indispensable.

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