Essay on “Frailty Thy Name is Woman?” for Kids and Students, English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Frailty Thy Name is Woman?

Long back, Shakespeare’s famous confused character ‘Hamlet’ uttered these lines, disgusted L at his mother’s sudden betrothal with his uncle, immediately after his father’s death. Though the statement directly accuses woman of weakness, the meaning of the statement has changed tremendously through the passage of time. A Hindi poet also called woman merely a statue of pity and affection. But these two things do not make women weak, instead, pity and affection are the strongest feminine traits. It’s also a famous saying that behind every great man, there is always a woman. Being a source of creation herself, she is the inspiration for creation also. Her love and affection as a mother, wife, beloved or sister, is the fountain-head of a society’s peace and stability. Nowadays woman is not only engrossed in domestic life, she is actively participating in the socio-political changes of the world. If we cite the examples of Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi and Mother Teresa, it would certainly be hard to believe that woman is a weak creature. Given a chance, a woman possesses the power to change the world. Nevertheless, the centuries’ exploitation and suppression have made the woman of today a little timid. That’s why a lot of oppression of women is still taking place. But with her power to create and her desire to live, she will certainly come above all these exploitations one day.


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