Essay on “Forests” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.


Forests are invaluable gift of nature to man. From eatables to cooking wood, from clothing’s to housing facilities, everywhere forests play a prominent role.

People depend on forests for their fuel needs. Cattle get fodder from the forests. Paper manufacturing industries depend upon them for wooden pulp. Forests check soil erosion and control floods. Rainfall is also linked with them. They absorb carbon dioxide and exhale the life gas, the oxygen.

The forested area has been shrinking. Causes are, clearance of land for farming, submerging of forests due to hydroelectric power projects, construction of new urban areas, industrial plants, power lines roads and school.

Forests are important for the wild life and the birds. They give them full shelter and protection. One can’t imagine wild life without the forests.

Lust for money is ruining the forests inch by inch. Industrialization has eaten into the forests. The rapid growth of population, the growth and development of cities and increasing need for the wood have devoured the forests. Burning of many forests by the unscrupulous contractors is another reason of the destruction of the forests. Deforestation has caused the extinction of wild animals and beautiful bird species. The re-occurrences of flood, the drought, the scanty or no rain for years, the famine, the earthquakes, the spreading of many diseases because of the polluted environment are nothing but cruel ‘tit for ‘tat’ of Nature. Deforestation has become a curse for man.

The merciless felling of trees must be stopped. Vagaries of nature have opened man’s eyes as he has become aware of their reasons. The need of intensive forestry is being realized. The preservation and conservation of the forests is indispensable for the well being of every creature on this earth. It is not for nothing that our ancestors worshiped the forests Along with idol worship we must worship the forests. Increased, ecological awareness can help a lot in saving the forests.

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