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Films Are Still Relevant

Films have lost their sheen to some extent because of the intrusion made by TV in its territory. Still sustained entertainment for multitudes lasting two or three hours is possible only in big cinema halls. Television may not reproduce scenic beauty, background effects and colour techniques which make cinema industry so attractive and delightful. So, in spite of the having become a big rival of the cinema cannot replace it.

The motion picture is an agent of goodwill and cooperation among nations. Cultural contacts reduce tension in the world and bring harmony in international relations. This has been done by films. When we see the past history, present aims, customs, habits and beliefs of foreign nationals we realize that they are related to us. Irritants that breed distrust are removed. So as cultural agents movies can cement ties of love and brotherhood among nations. Film festivals in which nations of the world take part reduce social barriers, colour prejudices and other causes of friction among nations.

In the spheres of human conduct and behaviour, movies are evergreen source of inventiveness. New fashions, our manners and habits at social gatherings owe their origin to the cinema industry where they first appear with their glamour, novelty and sensuous attractiveness. The science of makeup which is the mother of all new fashions is the handmaid of cinema. Makers of luxury goods, interior decorators, and men in different trades look to the cinema industry for guidance and inspiration. So, cinema can still entertain and guide. Cinema has everything for one and all. For some time its shine has been eclipsed but this eclipse is not forever. Films will come out victorious in the race for superiority over other means of entertainment and recreation.

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