Essay on “Fashion Passion” for School, College Students, Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Fashion Passion

The seasons reveal the changing moods of the nature. The changes of human mood is reflected in the new fashions. We live in a fast changing world which keeps reshaping our thoughts and the ways of our living constantly. We must adapt to new situations and accept new ideas to survive. It is the nature’s law. The nature is never constant.

It is rightly said that you can’t dip your fingers in the same river twice. Fashions orient our mind to accept the changes. That is why the countries that have been fashion savvy are today leading the world. After economic reforms and the globalization, India too has recognized that fact. As a result years long fashion shows in Delhi, Mumbai and other metro cities are lately being held with great pomp and show.

In simple terms fashion means following the up-to-date cut and style in tailoring standards. Fashions are a special feature of the modern society and cosmopolitan life. Change and variety is the other name of fashion. Fashion come and go like ill earned money. Man loves change and he makes that statement through new dresses. He has no use for old, stereotyped, stale and typecast things. New fashions add zest and liveliness to life.

Fashions are infectious and spread like wild fire, especially among the young men and women of the big cities and towns. Youth is more fashion conscious because they, represent life in terms of exuberance, energy, courage, novelty, power and enthusiasm. They love to look smart, up-to-date charming and impressive in their latest wear, hair style, shoes and postures.

There is no end to their zeal and appetite for novelty: Fashions govern their mind like a tyrant. Sometimes it becomes difficult to keep pace with the changing styles. The fashions also make exacting demands on the pockets of their patrons.

Paris has been undoubtedly the capital of the fashions in the world. In this regard no one else can beat the Parisians. London and New York are the other two fashion cities of the western world. Indians have also been copying the western style for a long time ever since British came to India. Now India is also riding on its own fashion waves. There is a competition between Delhi and Mumbai in holding fashion shows on various scales.

The fashion designers of India work overtime to keep pace with these shows. A number of fashion designers have become famous names. Movie stars have their own favourite fashion designers which works as a great publicity. As Indian economy booms, in the major cities, circles of rich people are ever becoming bigger. There is no worth of people who can afford anything that fashion designers come up with. Thus fashions are making everyone in the upper class happy. Middle class is a bit hard pressed. Night parties of the rich people are full of people in the latest fashions, especially the women. All their talks revolve around the latest wear and newest styles.

Sometimes young people appear to be overdoing the fashions. Much of their time is spent on dressing up. Boys like to impress girls with their showy and flashy clothes, goggles and movie star mannerisms. Today’s colleges-look like fashion shows instead of educational institutions. Girls outsmart boys in the matter of fashions. They have natural love for pretty dresses and the college is the right place to showcase their talent. It affects the studies as the fashions prove distractions from the main business of education. Smoking has also become a part of the fashion. The boys think that the smoking makes them look mature. Then, gradually it becomes a habit, a real curse for life.

For student fraternity fashion is not confined to the dresses, shoes or goggles. Fashion also means seeing every movie that is released, visiting expensive restaurants, drinking besides smoking, biking or fast driving and disco. The boys and girls like to look and act like their favourite movie stars. For many a rich student studies are just a time pass.

Extravagant fashion passion has grave harm to the student community. It is borne by the fact that pass percentage in the university exams has been showing a steep decline. Something needs to be done to check this trend. Fashions must be put under some discipline so that the poor students may not feel strangers in colleges.

Today, cable TV and fashion channels are becoming brazen fashion promoters. TV serials are partly indirect advertisements of fashions. There are channels devoted to fashions only. They telecast non-stop fashion shows from all over the globe.

Fashion has become a big booming industry. The textile manufactures, leather goods makers, jewellery trade, fashion designers, technologists, models, event managers, cosmetics manufactures, tailors, drapers and hoteliers are having a gala time. They not only cater to the tastes of the people but also create craze for fashion and roll in money.

Fashion is an expression of man’s love for novelty and freedom to choose life style. However excess of everything is bad and it should be avoided. The colleges must not become fashion parades only. The education must come first and the young people must be asked to exercise control over fashions.

The men and women have natural desire to look pretty. In some way fashion is also a romantic expression of a suggestive kind. But in no way immoral. Infact, the fashion consciousness is a healthy sign as it appeals and pleases people, promotes togetherness, social interaction and brings the party to life. But care should be taken that fashion spending must remain within one’s own income, time and energy.

Shakespeare has stated through Hamlet — ‘Apparel of proclaims the man.’

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