Essay on “Fashion-A Craze the World Over” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Fashion-A Craze the World Over

Fashion—the very word evokes a feeling of excitement among the people. It is a craze among the masses all over the world.

Not only Western countries, even developing countries like us have been over taken by this phenomenon. France and Italy are the Mecca of latest fashion trends.

People here are very keen about latest fashion, whether children, teenagers, women or men. They all try to dress in the latest fashion to look smart and attractive.

The masses particularly ape the actors for the expensive and fascinating clothes of latest colour design, fabric and cut. They also make liberal use of beauty products of famous brands to match their garments, compete with the latest design in sandals, bags and other accessories.

In the mad race of following fashion trends some waste the hard earned money of their parents along with their time and energy. Today shopping malls and boutiques are frequented by a large number of people for their fashion needs, physical charm and grace.

Then again, fashion is not only confined to dressing alone, but it has also come to include going to hotels, clubs, indulging in drinking, smoking and making friends with famous people. Fashion nowadays also has come to mean exposing body and looking like sophisticated dolls and to move like butterflies but all this is a life of artificiality.

Sometimes students become so fashion crazy that even their studies suffer because of it.

We can say that the trend of fashion is everywhere today and there is no way to escape from it completely but one should indulge in it sensibly and with moderation.

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