Essay on “Delayed Justice-Denied Justice” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Delayed Justice-Denied Justice

Verdict pronounced after the death a. victim is of no use. Plaintiffs suffer unnecessarily. Many curse themselves for filing a suit in the court.

Millions of cases are pending in the various courts and tribunals. The cases of under trials, languishing in jail for years together, go on waiting for trial. Under trials spend a longer time in prison that the conviction would warrant. Slow progress of cases, the system of bail hinder the smooth pace of the cases.

Quicker dispensation of justice is the demand of every under trial. Efforts have been made in the direction but undone is vast.

Delay in the administration of justice is disastrous. An aggrieved thinks justice denied is a punishment inflicted on him for no fault of his own. Delayed justice breeds corruption. For example, many high-ups are enjoying while a number of cases are pending against them. Who is to blame? Hurdles in finalization of cases should be removed ruthlessly. Criminals bribe the system to delay justice. The system itself does not say that it has gone stale and needs renovation. Moral and ethical degradation occurs. Innocent persons get tired and lose faith in courts. They take shelter under the umbrella set up by contact men to settle the issues. One crime leads to another. Cases take the shape of heaps. Media plunges into the ‘arena and misunderstandings crop up. Aggrieved try to fake laws into their own hands and finish the matter -on the streets. Police action follows. More arrests are made and more cases are filed. This goes on. This vicious circle makes one say Delayed Justice is not ‘denied justice’ but ‘Injustice’.

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