Essay on “Corruption in Public Life” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Corruption in Public Life

Essay No. 01

Corruption is in full swing in our country. It has polluted public life. Money has become a powerful force in life. Everybody wants to become rich overnight. We can’t get any work done without greasing the palm. Right from a peon to a high official, all are corrupt. A petty clerk in a government office enjoys more power than a successful common man. There is no department which is untouched by corruption.

The major factor responsible for widespread corruption is our political set up. In order to keep his political base intact, a politician shields corrupt people. He has no regard for the law of the land. He overlooks the evil practices of these people. If some honest office initiates any action against them, he is checked by political bosses. Many smugglers black-marketers, hoarders and tax-evaders enjoy political patronage. They are hand and glove with our corrupt politicians.

Our defective economic system also breeds corruption. Faulty economic policies have led to heavy price-rise. It has become very difficult for a fixed income group to live up to certain standard. On the other hand corrupt people live in palatial bungalows and lead a life of luxury and plenty. The common people can’t resist the temptation of money. As a result they begin to make easy money through unfair means.

Corruption will have to be abolished at all levels. For that matter our social setup will have to be changed thoroughly. Honesty should be encouraged as well as rewarded. Corrupt people should be punished and socially boycotted. Moral and human values be revived and strengthened. Corrupt politicians should be shown their worth. They should be voted out of power and thrown into the dustbin.

Essay No. 02

Corruption in Public Life

The mad rush towards luxury and higher socio-economic status is seen as the main reason for corruption in India. Corruption means bribery or illegal gratifications in economic and political life. In India this problem is so rampant that no one seems to be free from it whether bureaucrats, politicians or businessmen. Corruption is such a problem that even the Anti-Corruption Department is not free from it. Nowadays people have come to take corruption for granted for even a file in an office does not move without a bribe.

Corruption is an evil thing which distances us from our sense of duty, honesty, morality and above all our cherished mantra Satyameva Jayate.

These days corruption is everywhere be it telephone department, DESU, hospitals, government offices. Even educational institutions, have not been spared by this evil practice of corruption. Corruption at high level has nowadays become a routine.

Through media and newspaper we learn that some official was caught taking bribe or pictures of policemen extorting money from a bus, truck or light vehicle can be seen daily.

These days it is common news that large amounts were siphoned off for personal gains. Friends and relatives are favoured by the leaders of the country while the public is kept in the dark.

A corrupt person has a diseased mind and is more of a patient than a criminal for corruption denotes decomposition. These days’ people no longer believe in the maxim of Simple Living, High Thinking. Moreover, various factor like rising prices, lavish life styles have helped corruption to plant itself in our society.

Corruption is so much prevalent in today’s society that people are indulging in black marketing and smuggling goods just for a better life style and not thinking once how much it will harm the nation.

Corruption has spread its tentacles so much in our country that to contain it, will be a challenging task.

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