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Child Labour

Essay No. 01

India is the largest child labour force market in the world. Even after decades of independence poverty thrives.

Poverty and lack of social security network breed child labour. Inadequate school facility or even expense of schooling leaves children with little else to do but work. Parents make children work to pick up skills useful in the job market instead of wasting time in formal education. Another reason is, poor parents take loan from the local moneylenders. When they fail to repay the loan along with the ‘interest, they send their leave children to work as bonded child labourers. Some children schools finding the studies a little bit tough or the attitude of the teachers and other children force them to shun schooling. They become child labourers. No efforts are made to lure dropouts to come back to school. Another frightening reason is the mechanism of the organized gang which forces youngsters to work. Urbanization and industrialization have increased the demand of cheap labour and youngsters satiate this demand. Overpopulation has resulted into unemployment.

Child labour is employed due to its wages being less. For some specific jobs child labour is considered to be more convenient. There is no need of any specific training or education. Lastly, children employed know nothing about their rights. Employer faces no, difficulty whatsoever. Peer pressure also compels children to work. Once they start working they find it difficult, to leave.

The child labour is employed in hazardous and nonhazardous industries, The problem of child labour has social, economical and political faces. Focusing on one face cannot solve the problem. Education or brute enforcement of child labour laws can’t serve the purpose. Needs of the poor Must be fulfilled. If poverty is eradicated, the need for child labour will diminish. Cycle of poverty goes on and child labour exists. We must the honest to end this social evil. Rehabilitation of the poor should be given priority.

Essay No. 02

Problem of Child Labour

Child labour is the evil effect of illiteracy, poverty and unemployment. It is a blot on a progressive nation, for it affects the very future of the children.

Despite many laws for safeguarding the rights of the children, child labour in our country has only increased. There are a lot of children in the age group of 6 to 16, who are working in bangle, matches, fireworks or pottery industries for negligible wages and under pitiable condition. There are many who work as domestic help in cities, and their condition is not very well either.

These child labourers have no voice. As workers they have to obey their employers and they remain at their mercy. They are exploited physically, mentally and are unable to protect themselves. All these abuses go unnoticed by the public.

Although many laws are made for their welfare but they have failed to address this issue effectively. This is also because the political leaders do not devote themselves really to this serious problem and are always plotting ways to hold on to power.

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