Essay on “Books as Friends” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Books as Friends

Books according to Francis Bacon, are man’s best friends. They entertain as well as educate us. They are the best means of spending our leisure. They do not make any demands on us, unlike human beings or even pets. We can open and shut them whenever we like.

Books, generally are divided into two categories—those that are compulsive reading and those that we read at will. Under the former category are books that form our courses of reading. They are various school and college course books. These books, we have to read, to pass our examinations, though they offer us no entertainment or help us pass our leisure.

In second category that entertains, enthralls, enchants and thrills us, depending, of course, on our taste and aptitude. A child may be crazy about comics, picture story books or works of science fiction. As they grow, their tastes also change. The adolescents go for romances, fiction and the like.

The love for books is carried well into adulthood by some who make books their permanent friends. A person gradually identifies his areas of interest. Some find interest in romances and thrillers while others absorb themselves in reading books on philosophy, literature, poetry, religion politics and international affairs. Books help widen and diversify ones interests and perspective; they become not only their friends and philosophers and guides as well.

Books are the best friends of the old people. Having spent an active lifetime in material pursuits, they are free from the cares of the world. Their children are well-settled and grown-up. So the best part of their time is spent in reading books. They go mainly for religion and philosophy or a special subject of their interest.

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