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Art of Living

It is said, living is an art. It means that only wealth and riches cannot make life comfortable. There are many other things which are equally important and even more, to make life worth living and happy. The question is, what are the essentials of a happy living ?

The first important is the uniformity of tastes among all the members of the home. It is only the true love and affection compromise and sacrifice which bind the people in a house. It does not always matter most if the members are related by blood or not. A home with very limited resources can be happy and satisfied if they are bound by the real bonds of love and affection. It is not always the most expensive furniture and other gadgets that make the house beautiful if there is not enough accommodation of thoughts in the people there. A person can be happier with a simple coarse meal in the morning and evening than a person of vast riches if he is not mentally free.

It is only the mental peace and happiness which makes the atmosphere of a house cordial and not the gold and silver. Now to bring this peace of mind in a house is what is required for all happy atmospheres. Some people think that only money can get them this peace but that is not the truth. They cannot be happy even in the presence of tons of money. The peace of mind is not a thing purchased with money. It is an attitude of mind which you can safely preserve for yourself if you learn to be contented with whatever more or less you possess.

Living comfort is the outcome of this mental attitude which everyone of us must learn to keep with them despite all the hazards we face in the course of our lives. Living can be a torture if we make it so and a pleasure if we mean to make it as such, that is the art of living.

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