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Are We Happier than our Forefathers?

Essay No. 01

This is indeed a debatable point. There is no doubt that our forefathers lived close, to nature, they led simple lives and believed whole-heartedly in the scriptures and the tenets contained in them. The world was not full of materialism. There was less pollution and man breathed pure and fresh air.

However, there is much to be said about life in the present times. Medical science has progressed by leaps and bounds, and if you are sitting out there and reading this essay today, it is because of small pox and BCG vaccinations you were given as a baby. Many of the dreaded diseases of yesteryears have been eradicated from the face of the earth, and cures found for many more.

We take for granted the modern comforts of running water, electricity and fast modes of transportation, but can you imagine a life without them? When our forefathers sent a letter to anyone, it took months to reach — if at all it did. Thanks to technological advances, we have every possible convenience at our doorstep and life has become such a pleasure. Radio, newspapers and television have broadened our horizons and made the world a smaller place.

In modern times, there has been a definite improvement in the quality of life. But there are always two sides to a coin. While, on the one hand, education has rid us of superstitions and narrow-mindedness, on the other we have lost a certain old-fashioned charm, a leisurely pace of life and the ability to enjoy the simple pleasures of this world. We do, however, retain the choice of making the best of both worlds.

Essay No. 02

Are We Happier Than Our Forefathers?

This is a baffling question. The question can be answered both negatively as well as positively. In certain respects, they were happier than we are. in certain other respects, we are happier than they were. There are a number of issues involved from situation to situation, from person to person, from one time to another time, etc. If happiness is related to the standard of living, the comforts and amenities of life and the development of scientific techniques and getting work from machines have made us happier than our forefathers. The development of various channels of entertainment which were absent in the olden times has made us happier than our forefathers. On the other hand, our forefathers were nearer to nature and could invoke the blessings of God. They were amidst the ancient tradition. As such, on that score, they were happier than us. The human qualities that were prevalent in the times of our forefathers are conspicuously absent today. They were, therefore, happier and more peaceful than Hs. We can say that in certain respects we are happier than our forefathers and in certain respects, they were happier than we are.


Essay No. 03

Are We Happier Than Our Forefathers?

The above remark is a puzzling one and so cannot be answered categorically. Opinion remains divided on this subject because the world of today is quite different and much improved than a century ago. If our ancestors woke up from eternal sleep, they would be wonderstruck to see the marvellous changes brought by science during this century and would really envy our life.

Our ancestors had to experience inconvenience and trouble. There were no schools and, hence, they could not receive proper instructions and remain illiterate. They were unaware of the civil and hygienic rules and the result was that they suffered from many diseases. There were no hospitals and people died premature deaths. They were a lot superstitious and went to the extent of sacrificing human beings in order to appease the deities. There were no good means of communication and conveyance. At times of calamities, the people of one region could not help those of the other.

But now science has changed everything. Electricity, the fairy child of science, has done much for the comfort of modern man. There are motor cars, aeroplanes, trains and so many other modes of conveyance. Wireless and radio have done a lot to keep the world well-informed of news. Distance means nothing these days. More and more people are getting an education these days in schools. Electricity has helped much in domestic affairs. Cooking and washing are no longer big problems. Life has become comfortable and worth living. With the invention of X-rays, many internal diseases are detected without much pain. By means of trains and aeroplanes, we can send help to famine-stricken or flooded areas.

Modern scientific implements have increased agricultural output. The world no longer suffers from shortages of any kind. People are no longer superstitious and have developed a scientific attitude towards every problem related to their lives. People have learnt the laws of hygiene life and live a longer span of life. Every possible effort is being made to bring peace and prosperity. Hence the world now is a better place to live in than it was a century ago because science has brought the kingdom of cool on earth.

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