Essay on “Are Exams More Tyring For Parents Than Children?” English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12.

Are Exams More Tyring For Parents Than Children?

Times have changed today, we have more day schools than boarding schools. As a parent, if your child is in a residential school, you can rest assured that his academic needs will be taken care of by the school. If however, you are a parent of a day scholar, then be prepared to face examinations at least five times a year, i. e three sets of monthly tests, half-yearly and annual examinations. This ordeal starts from the first day of the child at school. Thanks to some mistaken analysis the school academicians are under the impression that a child should be pumped with as much information as possible whatever his age or intake capacity. Teachers are lost in the maze of extensive syllabi to such an extent that it does not matter whether the child is able to catch up with the mysteries of the subject being taught or not. It, therefore, falls on the shoulders of the parents to see that the child is adequately taught and prepared for the exams. Children often do not bother about the importance of the exams. They have to be pushed, cajoled, and even threatened to study. This involves intensive studies of the textbooks by the parents. They have to do reference work in order to make their child understand the lessons. In other words, parents have to once again go to school along with their children.

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