Essay on “Anti-Social Acts and Deeds” for School, College Students, Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Anti-Social Acts and Deeds

Anti-social acts and deeds are against society. So they are harmful and detrimental to the over-all health of society, selfishness, greed, just thrill and dissatisfaction are some of the elements that form the very base of anti-social acts. A person indulging in anti-social acts and deeds not only harms the interests of others but also digs his own grave. His misdeeds rebound and crush him under their heavy weight. Anti-social elements flout all norms of a civilized society and spread chaos, confusion and disorder everywhere. For example, the black marketers, hoarders, drug pushers, palm greasers and rumour-mongers are the persons who try to tear it the very fabric of society. Even wrong words uttered create quarrels, bitterness of mind, suicides and communal riots. These-acts are also anti-social. So anything done to disturb the equilibrium of society is anti-social. Anti-social elements should be opposed tooth and nail. Our hard-earned civilization should not be left at the mercy of anti-social elements. Both the government and the people should join hands to stamp out these elements.

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