Essay on “An Indian Juggler” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

An Indian Juggler

Jugglers are very common in India. They are very popular not only among the children but among the adults also as they are fun to watch.

Jugglers are seen mostly in towns and during fairs. People mistake these jugglers as magicians. They all are amazed and amused to see their tricks but not all people stop to watch their performance.

Earlier only men did the work of jugglers but with changing times we see women faces too in this trade. These jugglers no longer wear shabby dresses but, designer labels, with a lot of silk and frills.

The jugglers select a spacious place to perform their tricks. They employ two or three persons for their help in the tricks. Throughout their show, the jugglers smile and crack jokes on themselves to entertain the audience.

Jugglers perform a lot of tricks during their show. They throw a few balls in the air, which surprisingly move in a circle, and then with a movement, they break the circle. Sometimes they take out a pigeon from their bag and put it inside a basket and after revolving their magic stick two or three times around the basket, they lift the basket and people are surprised and amused to see two pigeons instead of one. Again they repeat the same trick and in the next round, it is not two but four pigeons. These tricks leave the audience spellbound throughout the show.

Other times, they may ask a person sitting in the audience to give them their ring, then they cover it with a piece of cloth and wave their stick over it and on removing the cloth, people are amazed to find the ring disappear, then when they see that the person is anxious to get his ring back they ask him to search the pocket and surprisingly, the person finds the ring there.

The jugglers are very talented and they keep practicing their tricks to make it perfect.

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