Essay on “An Accident” for School, College Students, Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

An Accident

The very word ‘accident’ sends shivering ripples in one’s body. Last month I witnessed a horrible road accident. The bus I was travelling in was running at a tremendous speed. Protests of the passengers fell on the deaf ears of the driver. He was driving very rashly. A bus tried to overtake our bus but our driver did not make way. The driver of the other bus was adamant enough to defeat our driver. Soon both the buses were running parallel. A speeding tanker was coming from the Opposite side. A terrible head-on collision occurred between the overtaking bus and the tanker. A deafening sound was heard. Thereafter, heart-rending cries pierced the atmosphere. The drivers of both the vehicles died on the spot. Front portion of the bus was torn into pieces. The body of the passenger who was occupying the front seat was compressed beyond recognition. Several other persons were seriously injured. Naked death-dance was frightening. Blood scattered on the road. Weeping of the two tiny-tots sitting near the dead bodies of their mothers was depressing and killing. Whenever I am reminded of the spine-chilling accident I go nostalgic and pray to God to give wisdom to the drivers. Accident brings destruction and nothing else.

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