Essay on “Advertising” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.


Advertising is a skillful way of blowing one’s own trumpet but it is an art. Success in business and to a great extent in all professions depends on effective advertisement. The secret of this success is how one can reach the conscious attention and subconscious attention of the people. Even miserly persons fall prey to clever and tactful advertisement and loosen the strings of their purse.

Means of advertisements are many. The press, the cinema, the television, shows cards, display demos, electric flash lights, etc. are some of the means. New means are being developed to make an impact on your conscious and subconscious mind.

Advertising is not necessary only for the new products or services but also a must for the existing ones to maintain their presence in the market. Businessmen have not only got to reach the market but must create and enlarge it also. So advertising is indispensable: It is rightly said, “A business immune to advertising goes immune to business.” Advertisers keep in mind three factors—the psychology of their prospective buyers, their income charts and the changing trends in fashion.

Advertisement is a dire necessity because of a vast market and cut-throat competition. Manufacturers cannot reach each and every individual individually. Advertisement takes them to every nook and corner. Educating public about new products is only possible through advertisement. Psychologically influencing and exploitation are the basis of advertisement.

Advertising makes consumers get educated and wise to choose the best. Salesmen feel tension free as they need not explain the products or show plethora of products because consumers know about them through advertisements. Advertisements help the society in general. They ensure regular income to the press, artists and researchers. They lower the prices of some items. Newspapers, magazines and periodicals are cheap because they earn a lot from advertisements. Advertisements have made consumers conscious of their rights.

Advertisements have some shady points also. They have multiplied to a bewildering extent. Gullible masses think that whatever comes in print is true. A lie told repeatedly becomes truth. Substandard products make holes in the pockets of the consumers. Advertisements increase the prices Money spent on them is added to the net price. Goods cost more than they are worth or the quality of goods is third rate. Consumers suffer. Our icons and idols advertise certain items and we buy them with eyes shut. We forget that heroes and heroines do this for huge bucks. Advertisement creates consumerism People buy things not required at all. This upsets their budget and creates unnecessary bickering in the family. Small businessmen and producers cannot advertise lavishly. Their products die their premature death in spite of their good quality and low prices.

Advertising is good if it is public service and not private gain.

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