Essay on “Academic and Spiritual Success” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Academic and Spiritual Success

Talent, experiences, achievements, physical fitness, unique points of view, a deeper understanding of situations in life are some traits that help determine whether or not applicants find success at college and determine whether or not they are ready to deal with the responsibility of independent living and the tough life of academics and education. These are the same requisite qualities needed to lead a successful life. If one is willing to possess these qualities they can meaningfully contribute to undergraduate student life at the university. Being intelligent alone will get you nowhere, but intellect, discipline, moral integrity, commitment and an excellent work ethic will bring you success. However a successful career and personal life do not imply an accomplished life, but also realization and attainment of a deeper meaning in life give self gratification. This is referred to as spiritual success.

Spiritual success need not be achieved through penance or leading a life of a saint, or by forgoing everything in life! It can be achieved by finding solace and peace in a passion or even an art that attracts us. A few find social services a good way of learning life, while others may take to deeper understanding of music, dance, or painting a way of spiritual realization. Hence a deeper correlation with education and attributes that make us happy are a few ways of spiritual success. The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action. This quote itself demonstrates the importance of applying education to social and working experiences to achieve spiritual success. But why spiritual success? We all go into an unknown world after education. There are no teachers and parents to help us out in our daily lives thereafter. There is stress, failures, stagnation in work, and problems in personal life to cope with. And a degree alone cannot help tackle these problems. But if one attains a spiritual understanding of themselves, their ability to find a fitting reply to all these factors will improve drastically. Spiritual success helps in being calm and analytical. These two attributes help a lot in tackling demoralizing and mind boggling issues in life and work. Thus not only education; that is academic success, but even spiritual success help in becoming better people in life.

In a new and fast changing world the need to find solace, peace, and spiritual success along with academic brilliance is unprecedented. So the next time you find time to yourself, think about how you can achieve spiritual success and what drives you towards it, and you shall realize how beautiful life is, and how wonderfully you can contribute to it.

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