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A Visit to Taj Mahal

Essay No. 01

The Taj Mahal at Agra is one of the wonders of the world. There are many historical monuments in the world as well as in India but the Taj Mahal is unique in them. It is a matchless building. Lakhs of people from India and abroad visit the Taj every year. They don’t tire while commending its beauty. It is majestic in its beauty; such a beauty can be conceived only in a dream. However, the Taj is a reality, but a dreamy reality, so captivating is its beauty.

The Taj Mahal was caused to be built by Mughal Emperor Shahjehan in the memory of his beloved queen Mumtaj Mahal. The Taj has become symbolic of intense love these days.

I along with my several schoolmates visited the Taj Mahal on the full moon day in October this year. The beauty of the Taj is at its peak under the silvery moonlight spreading all over the place and glamorizing the Taj. Its surroundings are well-decorated with greenery and flower beds. We felt overjoyed to see the Taj. Hundreds of men, women, and children had collected there to enjoy the beauty of the Taj. There were large groups of foreigners clicking their cameras. We also posed for photographs.

The Taj is a wonderful dream come true in marble. Its architectural design is superb. It has four minerals on four corners with an onion-shaped dome in the center. Couplets from Koran are engraved beautifully on its walls which is again a wonder of calligraphy. Flowery designs are inset with precious coloured stones. Above all, it is made up of spotless white marble. We went down the staircase and visited the graves of the emperor and the empress who lie side by side in their graves over there. Nobody is allowed to go there with shoes on; however, canvas shoes were provided to us by the men on duty outside.

The vision cast a magic spell on me and my friends after seeing it under the full moon that day. We felt that it was a sight fit to be seen by the gods so much inviting the ‘fa; appeared to us that time. The green tufts of grass and the green shoots of the Cyprus trees adorned its majestic beauty appeared to add to its majestic beauty many times more.

I took objection to a friend’s remarks when he asked what beauty it had but for its marble-made heavy structure. He also stated that many Hindu temples in Rajasthan and South India were far more beautiful than The Taj Mahal. I agreed with him that the Rajputana temples were quite beautiful and also the temples in south India but tried to convince him that so far as the Taj was concerned it had its own unique design and its execution to which he also nodded. Of course, the Taj is supremely beautiful. We felt rewarded after seeing it.


Essay No. 02


A Visit to Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is one of the wonders of the world. It is a very beautiful monument. It is the tomb of Mumtaz  Mahal, the Chief Queen of Emperor Shahjahan. It was built by the emperor in memory of his beloved queen.

Taj is built on the bank of the Yamuna river at Agra. It is made of white marble. It is a work of art. When the sun shines on the white marble, the Taj shines like silver.

Last month, my uncle paid us a visit and we went to Agra to see the Taj. We went in our uncle’s car.

Like Delhi, Agra is also a historical city. Besides Taj, there are more historical buildings like the Old Fort, Sikri, and Itmadulah. But Taj is the most beautiful building.

There is a big garden in front of the Taj with a canal made of white marble. There are flowers on both sides of the path. We went down and saw the tombs of Mumtaz and Shahjahan. We did not climb up to watch the river which flows quietly by its side.

The place was full of tourists from all corners of the world. They come to see the Taj. Some come to see the Taj on the full moon night. We spent quite a long time at the Taj.

Next, we went to see the fort and tried to peep at the Taj through a window. There are many shops near the gate selling beautiful things.

We had a nice time at Taj and came back to Delhi by car. I think every Indian should go to Agra to see the Taj. I hope to go there again.


Essay No. 03

A Visit to the Taj

Taj, the eighth wonder of the world, the ever-living creation of man stands on the bank of the Yamuna River near Agra. It is a symbol of the love of a king Shahjahan for his beloved queen Mumtaz Mahal.

We had a group visiting for this memorable monument by the Mughal emperor. The visit was organised by the History professor, who organised the tour for a spot study. We were more than thirty students. We travelled from Delhi to Agra by bus. The journey started early morning and we started at 9.00 a.m and we were there by 12.30. We fixed up our luggage in the student hostel and proceeded towards the destination. Taj, the greatest and the finish carved piece of the Mughal period was there for our objective tour.

We entered through the main gates after crossing a long queue. We were moving on the red-tiled passages of the building. Taj is surrounded by water sprayers Garden and then another encircled arena. It has four minars in white marble and then a tomb in the center. All walls of the building are engraved in colours and lustrous stones. The marble virtually changes colours when the light falls on it. Some guides state that the building was a piece of architecture by Shuraji, the Persian architect. It is further said that he too was thereafter losing his beloved and had a cherished desire to make such a memorable building.

Millions of tourists come to see the unique piece from far-off places. This is a rare depiction which has the graves of Begum and family in the depth of it. Shahjahan was imprisoned by his son Aurangzeb in Red Fort in the last part of his reign. He used to see the Taj through a glass piece in a hole in the wall. Shahjahan lost his three sons Dara, Shuja, and Murad at the hands of Aurangzeb in the struggle to capture the seat of the Mughal kingdom.

Taj has lost its glamour when most of the pearls fixed in walls were removed by the next rulers in the country. Although a considerable amount is provided for maintenance and upkeep, even then the environmental pollution is badly affecting the building. The colour of the marble is changing briskly and a noticeable deterioration is appearing. Taj has the craziest attraction on a moon-lit night. It has a very beautiful shining effect in the moonlight.

Visitors are always keen to take photographs of the building. Many Indian visitors try to create some nuisance on the historical buildings. This should be avoided. Taj is a monument for which India can be proud of. Let us keep this precious place neat and clean so that visitors carry a good opinion about it.

With a feeling of contentment, we folded our materials and packed for our return journey. Taj, the great spot of History, was telling in our minds.

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