Essay on “A Street Quarrel” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

A Street Quarrel

A street quarrel is a common sight in India. It takes place over a trifle and turns violent. Sometimes it results in loss of life and property. It creates an atmosphere of panic and tension. The people are divided into groups. It becomes a law and order problem. The police had come to settle the things.

One day some boys were playing with a ball in the street. A boy named Rajan hit the ball hard. It struck Mr. Sudesh on the face. Mr. Sudesh’s spectacles were broken. His face started bleeding. When he fell down, all the boys ran home. Mr. Sudesh’s family came to the spot. They were armed with swords and sticks.

All rushed towards Rajan’s home. They challenged Rajan to come out. Meanwhile Rajan’s father appeared there. He did not know what nad happened. As soon as he came there, he was attacked by Mr. Sudesh’s sons. The family of Rajan also came out with sharp weapons. There was a man to man fight. One or two of them were seriously wounded.

Nobody dared to come forward to stop the fight. Somebody rang up the police. The police van reached the spot in time and arrested two members of each family. The arrested persons were taken to the police station. Those who were wounded were taken to the hospital. The case against both families was registered. Both the parties had to rush here and there for help. Ultimately they realized their mistake.

They felt sorry for what they had done and the quarrel ended with a compromise.

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