Essay on “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

This wonderful proverb means that timely action can lead to remarkable consequences. If any bad happening is not checked or remedied at the initial stage, the same thing can result in devastation and destruction. Then it will be too late. All the guns will be fired by then. You repent, you scratch your head. You pull your hair in anguish. But what is done, is done. The loss cannot be redeemed. A great damage has been done. An irreparable loss has been incurred. It was not checked and rectified right in time. Then with little effort and energy, it could be, it could be beautifully mended, it could be amended with very little labour and expenditure. Repair the leakage at the earliest, otherwise if late, it will be uncontrollable.

Those who are unmindful of the smallest things of life cannot achieve good results. They have to cut a sorry figure. Those who go on sleeping over issues till they grow into big problems repent over their mistakes. They cannot overcome the situations as they are already out of hand. It is a golden rule of life. Once we miss an opportunity, we cannot get it back as time lost is never recalled. It becomes useless to cry over spilt milk which cannot be regained. We have not to let the golden chance to slip from our hands.

A small effort at the right time and place saves you from a big damage. Your reputation is saved. You are on the road to your success. You have won the game. There is a pleasure, contentment.

Timely care and attention are greatly worthwhile. It pays you handsomely. Its dividends are rich and fruitful.

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