Essay on “A Steel Wardrobe” for Kids and Students, English Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

A Steel Wardrobe

A wardrobe is an item of great utility in any elite home. I hear, it is available in several sizes and many companies make it. It is also made of a variety of materials, as it can be made of wood, it can be of steel (like me), and at times it can be made in an enclosure left for it in a wall. This can be of any size as required by the master. That implies that, a wardrobe can be movable or immovable fixed in a wall. A wardrobe is the name given to a cupboard that men and women use, to keep their clothes. Clothes are well ironed, and kept in hangers and hung in a wardrobe.

I am a wardrobe in which the combination of materials can be seen. I am really made of steel but, I look as though of wood. This is so as, I am coloured of wood colour. I was made so at the instance of my master who wanted the colour of wood but the strength and the durability of steel – a good idea I think. Now, since I have catered to the personal taste of the master, I have become his own.

I am very snugly fixed in a wall in my master’s bedroom and am having a life of fun and frolic. However, even these wonderful days do not allow me to forget the torture I have undergone to come to this shape. How each part of my body was literally burnt in a furnace to give me shape. I was hit by huge hammers for I do not know what purpose, I only know that, each part of my body had a lot of pain before this snug life. When fixtures were put on me, and my body fixed in this wall also, I had to face a lot of hitting and burning before I could be fixed in here. Anyway, those days of hardship are long over and now I am a beautiful item adorning tie bedroom of my master and serving him too. My body is divided into two parts. One part is just plain to keep clothes just neatly folded, while the other half of my body has a bar fixed which is meant to hang clothes. When clothes are ironed, I hear if they are just folded and kept, they develop creases, and can not be worn without ironing again. This is why in my body there is provision for hanging clothes. On this bar of mine, there are woollen suits hanging, woolen cardigans and some pants. In the summer time my master hangs pants, shirts, and kurta pajama on the bar. I am very comfortably fixed now with a few friends of smaller species. In the same room as mine there is a bed, a dressing table and two small bed tables. I see them all daily, converse with them and this is a good pastime for all of us. I do talk to them all but at times I feel I am too big for them and feel shy talking to them. Thus though I see some others of my clan I cannot converse with them as they are too small and even less experienced than me. Please do not ever think that I am getting bored here, Oh! Never, never. This is because, primarily, I am busy in appreciating my status in the family and most of all my position in my master’s bedroom.

I look forward to two moments in the whole day. One is about 9 a.m. when the master opens my door and takes out his dress for the day, for going to office. He as if caresses each dress and then chooses one. This is the time when there is some movement within me and I feel so loved and excited. The second moment that I look forward to, is about 7 p.m. when once again the master comes to me, opens my door and takes out another dress for the club. Believe me, this is all I see about the master as a routine every day. I just love these few moments of the day, and look forward to them every day. At times when his dress is not well ironed, he calls out to his wife Anita, as if in anger. When she .comes, their arguments about the dress are very entertaining for me. At such moments I see the anger of my master who is ever so sweet otherwise.

Though my daily routine sounds rather dull with just a few interesting moments but friends, I am really never bored. This is because, all the time I hear sounds from the other rooms of the house. My master’s bedroom is near the dining room and not quite far from the drawing room too. So all conversation anywhere in the house is audible to me and I feel quite lively and energetic.

My life in this house is just wonderful and full of excitement and of course love. My master keeps me well groomed and neat all the time, thus giving me the feeling of being smart and up. I am very thankful to God for giving me such a good master and so much of a good life. I pray to God that HE keeps this family in the hollow of his palm always.

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