Essay on “A Small Family” for School, College Students, Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

A Small Family

Large family was a craze in the past. Old order changed place to new. Social and economic compulsions and pressures haves surfaced the importance and need of a small family. A large family is a bee-hive of knotty problems for the parents, children and the nation. Even bare necessities are beyond the reach of a large family. Too many mouths to feed pose undue pressure on the national resources. Parents remain helpless finding that they are not in a position to feed and educate their children properly. They force their children to drop out of school and do odd jobs to supplement family income. In the very childhood, children look grown-ups. If the children get no work to do, they wander here and there and fall in the clutches of anti-social elements. Unlawful activities spoil the life of these children. Their future is sealed. Poverty spreads its wings and engulfs innocent childhood. In a small family parents are in a position to look after their children properly. They pay full attention to their education and do everything to make them good citizens. A small family brings prosperity and prosperity at home is harbinger of national prosperity. A small family makes a home worth-living.

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