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A Postman

Essay No. 01

The postman is a humble but very important member of the society. Usually he wears a Khaki uniform. He is a familiar figure in every village, town and city. He is an indispensable organ of the postal system.

The postman’s day generally starts early in the morning. He has to reach the post office very early. As soon as he reaches the post office, he is busy with his work. He opens the mail bags, stamps, the letters and sorts them out area-wise and locality-wise. Then he arranges the letters of his area house-wise and gets ready to go on his round.

He goes from door to door delivering letters, parcels and money orders. He carries letters in a leather bag. In small villages and towns, he goes on his round on foot. In big cities he is given a cycle for this purpose. In some cities, some postmen have motorcycles also.

The postman’s work looks very simple but it is very tedious. He goes about delivering mail in his area unmindful of the weather. Be it hot or cold, dry or wet, he goes about his work regularly.

The postman is welcomed by every householder with mixed feelings. Some wait for him in hope ; some in fear. The postman carries messages which will break the hearts of some while fill others with joy. To a student, he may bring the happy news of success or the sad news of failure in an examination. Thus a postman is the messenger of joy and sorrow, complaint and request, death and birth. How strange! He carries all such news to the people without knowing anything of it.

Now-a-days the importance of a postman has diminished to a great extent. With the fast development in communication and alternate means of sending messages and letters the postman has become less important. The messages are sent by much faster means like couriers and e-mails and easy access to telephonic system. In spite of all this the services of a postman are still an asset to many a rural areas where the modern means of communication are not available or are expensive.


Essay No. 02


A Postman

A postman is a useful member of society Sohan Lal is the postman of our area. He is a very honest man. He does his duty very sincerely. He delivers the dak regularly and in time.

He brings messages of joy and sorrow. He has a big bag which he hangs on the handle of his bicycle. In this bag he puts the letters, parcels and money orders which he has to deliver. Sometimes, when a parcel is heavy, he has to place it on the carrier of his bicycle.

He delivers the post in sun and shower. He never desists from his duty. Sometimes, when an illiterate person asks him to read a letter for him, he never refuses to do so.

He has an arduous duty. But his salary is low.

He is glad that he gets a uniform once in a year. In spite of being poor, he is not greedy.

When he is offered a present of money or kind on any festival, he politely refuses to accept it. He is, in fact, contented with his lot, although he has to live from hand to month.

People wait for him eagerly. He is a great messenger. It is, however, a pity when people complain against him or take him to task for a minor mistake, such as throwing letters in a wrong house or throwing them in the open. Of course, he should not do so and should be more careful, but this point can be explained to him in a polite language.

It is now a matter of joy that a postman is now promoted to be a clerk in the post office after some years of service. Let us hope some more steps will be taken to improve the lot of Postmen.

Essay No. 03

The Postman

The postman is a common but useful public servant. Whatever the weather may be he is always on duty. He delivers letters, registries, parcels and money orders. He goes from door to door. Sometimes he comes on his bicycle and sometimes on foot. He is eagerly awaited by one and all.

The postman wears a khaki uniform. He carries the dak in a leather bag. He goes to the office at 9 a.m. to collect the dak of his area. He sorts out the articles of dak and arranges them in order. Then he sets out to deliver them. He goes from street to street and door to door. He has to cover a long distance. When he is on his beat, he does not take any rest on the way.

The postman had no holidays in the past. He had to be on duty on Sunday and on festival days. But now he has a holiday on Sunday. In addition, he has holidays on some festivals also. His income was very small. But now the government is trying to improve his lot. He now gets a better pay scale. He is paid bonus also.

Some postmen do not perform their duty sincerely. They do not deliver letters properly. They hand over the letters to small children. Instead of putting them in letter boxes, they throw them under the doors.

Many important letters are lost. They should stop doing so. They should try to be helpful and useful public servants.


Essay No. 04


The Postman

Postman the very name brings joy in our hearts. He is the one who goes from doorstep to doorstep delivering letters, parcels and money orders.

A postman is a familiar person to all as he wears a khaki uniform and brings news, be it a bad one or a good one. He zig-zags down the streets delivering parcels and money orders. Everyone waits anxiously for him as he may have news for him.

He is a humble and courteous person who is given a warm welcome everywhere and by everyone whether rich or poor.

A Postman’s job is not a bed of roses. He lives from hand to mouth because of his low pay scale and on top of that he has to work in every weather, be it rainy season, summer or the chilling winters. Out of sympathy sometime people offer him things in the form of tip or gifts. Sometimes the postman has to cross hostile places equally like desert or forests and other times he has to be aware of dogs that people may keep in their homes.

A person of sound health and polite manners alone can undertake the duty of a postman. Despite his bleak future, a postman has to keep a smile on this face, as he does not have any chances of promotion.

Inspite of his poverty, a postman is an honest man and due to his honesty and hard work we should hold him in high regards.

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