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A Picnic

Essay # 1

Picnics dent monotony and give us a break from our daily chores which often make us sullen, lethargic, and dull-minded. We start losing interest in life itself. Picnics rejuvenate us and fill our hearts with energy to carry on the journey of life with gusto. They enliven us and keep us mentally fit. Still more they give us a chance to be in the lap of nature, natural or cultivated.

It was July. We, bosom friends, arranged a picnic party. We chose a spot on the outskirts of the city where a historical, monument was standing elegantly on the bank of a river. The day was pleasant. Clouds were playing ‘hide and seek’. A cool breeze was blowing. No need to be afraid of the vagaries of nature. We packed our necessities and foodstuffs and reached the chosen sport. We prepared tea on our mini gas stove and enjoyed the sips with tasty snacks. After that, we went to the riverside for a little walk. Our mobiles entertained us with musical numbers. We swayed our bodies like heroes and heroines. The sounding branches of the trees, twittering and chirping birds, green and velvety grass enthralled us. Nature looked at her best. We came back and stretched ourselves on the carpets for a while. My friend sang a song. Though he is not a singer but the natural surroundings rendered their sweetness and thus the song melodious and charming.

After resting for a while we had a round of the historical monument. We left behind two girlfriends to prepare lunch. We roamed in the beautiful gardens bedecked with flowers and trees. We had a pleasant talk with a foreign tourist. We owe back, took our bathing kit, and had a bath in the river. Some of my friends enjoyed swimming.

We were feeling very hungry. We attacked the lunch and had it to our heart’s content. A short nap followed. We woke up and it was about 4 p. m. We played cards and sipped mango juice. We felt all energetic. The girls who prepared lunch were given full rest. We boys prepared evening tea and fried some snacks. Amid tits-bits we enjoyed the eatables and the hot lady nicotine. Grey clouds had turned jet black. We packed our belongings and placed them in our vehicle. We started for home talking, laughing, and gossiping.

We enjoyed the picnic a lot. Hats off to that man who first thought of a break from the daily monotonous routine.


A Picnic

Essay # 2

A few days ago the Headmaster gave us a holiday because the Inspector had given us a good report. When we got back from school, three of my friends, Nasir, Ghulam, and Latif, were wondering how we should spend our unexpected holiday, when Latif suggested a picnic. This proposal was received with applause, and we set to work discussing where we should go and what we should take with us. It was finally settled that we should go to the river, about five miles away, and take food with us. So we went off at once to the bazaar and got some fruit, cakes, and sweetmeats, as well as some meat to make kababs with. We also got hold of two fishing rods, to see if we could catch any fish.

The next morning we were up early and set off in high spirits, each carrying a basket. It was a bright sunny day, neither too hot nor too cold, with a pleasant breeze blowing. We soon got away from the town, and, avoiding the dusty road, made our way by winding footpaths over the fields. It was springtime, and as far as we could see stretched the field of green wheat, lit up by the brilliant sunshine and waving in the breeze.

At last, we reached the river, near where it comes down from the hills, and chose a place on the bank under the shade of some large trees for our picnic. We were hot and dusty with our walk, and the clear sparkling water looked so tempting, that the first thing we did was to take off our clothes and plunge in for a swim. It was fine! And we waded and swam about, and splashed each other with water until we were tired.

Then we eat to work to prepare our meal. Nazir and I gathered dry sticks, and Latif made the fire, while Ghulam was unpacking the baskets. Latif soon had kababs roasting on skewers, and I heated up some tried we had brought in a vessel. When all was ready, we all sat round on the grass and had a grand meal of kababs and rice, followed by bananas and guavas, with cakes and sweets to finish up with.

Then we lay on the grass and talked. At last Ghulam and I went to sleep, while the other two went off fishing. However, they did not catch anything. Later on, we all had another bath, and then finished up all the sweets and cakes that were left. When we got back to the school in the evening, we all decided we had had a jolly day.

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