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A Morning Walk

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Essay No. 01

Early to bed and early to rise’ forms the very backbone of the ‘morning walk’. A morning walk is a mild exercise but very advantageous. It is the best exercise to keep our body fit and healthy. It refreshes our brain, cools our heart, pacifies our mind, and tones up our limbs. Early in the morning nature is at her best. The air is all cool and fresh. Trees and plants exhale maximum oxygen which is our life breath. Our lungs get their proper diet. The ultra-violet rays of the rising sun are good for our eyesight. The birds are heard chirping and twittering. The dewdrops on the lush green grass and delicate petals look like pearls. Our nostrils get thrilled inhaling the fragrance scattered all around by the blossoms. Walking on the green and somewhat wet grass is an elixir for our eyes. There is no din and disturbance beating on our eardrums. No kind of pollution pesters us. All these good things can be enjoyed only in the morning. Hymns sung in the praise of God in the distant temples, when heard, impart an elevating effect on the persons sitting or walking in the natural surroundings. The morning walk costs nothing but pays rich dividends. It promotes health, happiness, and energy; the sick regain health, and the healthy remain normal. The blessings of the morning walk are par-excellent.


Essay No. 02


A Morning Walk

A Morning walk showers blessings upon its undertaker. In the morning, Nature shows herself at her best.

There is a pleasant and cool atmosphere even in summers. Everything is calm and quiet all around. The dew-drops sparkling on the green grass and plants in parks and gardens soothe the eye with freshness.

The trees standing on both sides of roads provide us with enough oxygen to energize our lungs.

While taking a morning walk, we breathe in unpolluted and wholesome air which helps us stay healthy and fit throughout the day.

Brisk walking gives good exercise to our body and keeps us away from ailments.


Essay No. 03


Morning Walk

The advantages of a morning walk are well-known to everyone. It is a very good exercise for the health of every person. It is beneficial for the body as well as the mind. It purifies the blood and increases its circulation. In the morning, oxygen is available in abundance in the atmosphere which is good for the lungs and heart. Besides being beneficial for health, the morning walk provides a good opportunity to see nature at its best. The cool and fragrant breeze soothes the mind and spirit. One should make it a habit to take a morning walk every day.

Essay No. 04


Morning Walk

Morning walk is one of the best exercises. It keeps us physically fit. It refreshes our minds and prepares us for the day’s work. The atmosphere is very clean. There is no dust or particle. We breathe fresh air which purifies our lungs. The cheerful notes of birds delight our ears. We see how flowers open their petals to the morning coolness. The buds wave their heads in the cool breeze.

Nature is at its best in the morning. Field all-around look green with smiling crops. The gentle sound of tube well water sends a wave of joy in the body. The darkness of night draws to a close. The landscape is bathed in the light of early morning. The stars begin to lose their shine with the rising of the sun. The birds chirp in their nests. They fly about in groups to gather straws.

On the way, the farmers are seen going to their fields. The milkmen are going on their bicycles with cans of milk. The groups of old persons are taking a brisk walk. Some of them are holding sticks in their hands. While going along they discuss family matters. Stray dogs bark at them. Some people carry towels with them. They take bath in a canal before returning home.

A morning walk is an exercise that does not cost anything. To walk barefooted on the dewy grass is good for our eyes. Our body and mind feel fresh. The morning walk makes us active and smart. It develops in us the habit of early rising. It breaks the dullness and laziness of our bodies. It makes us calm and quiet. It is considered to be a secret of long life. Therefore I enjoy a morning walk.

Essay No. 05

Morning Walk

A morning walk is good for health and it is one of the lightest exercises for all age groups as it refreshes one’s mind and body.

Being an early riser, I go on morning walks regularly with my friends in a large park near my colony.

I believe that nature is at its best in the early hours of the morning as the breeze is fresh and cool and it also produces sweet, soft music by striking against the leaves. Even the grass shine like pearls due to dew.

The park which I frequently visit is huge and well maintained by the gardener. People from all walks of life can be seen taking exercises like skipping, yoga, meditation, and jogging. Some can be seen taking a brisk walk with their pets while others enjoy the cool grass bare-footed. Children can be seen playing games, cycling, or learning martial arts from the instructors in the park.

As the Sun appears high in the sky, people make their way back to their homes to start other activities for the day.

A morning walk is a healthy routine which should be maintained by the people.


A Morning Walk

A morning walk is a very useful exercise. It refreshes our mind, eyes, and body. It makes us healthy and cheerful. Peace, cool air, and dewdrops on the grass—all make us happy. We can see the beautiful surroundings, coloured flowers, chirping birds as the nature is at its best in the morning. A morning walk gives us energy. It helps us fresh for the whole day. A morning walk is a panacea for all illnesses.

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