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A Mobile Phone

The mobile phone is a latest gift of science to man. It is a wonderful invention. It is actually an improved version of the ground phone, which was so far considered to be, no doubt, a blessing of science.

A mobile phone is a wonderful instrument which is small only by its size and very big by its functions. You can talk to your friend or anyone you like from your running car or an aeroplane, a train or a bus, while on a morning walk in the park or while watching movie in a cinema hall. It has facilitated people in innumerable ways. The businessman uses it to boost his work by being in constant touch with his workers, clients and customers. The mobile phone has got a tremendous response from the public on the international level. Almost all the big cities of the world are connected with the network These days we find hardly a man, woman or even school-going children without a mobile phone. It is a big source of communication especially in the case of emergencies like accidents or robberies. We can inform the police or any other emergency service instantly.

The fact cannot be denied that this modern day phone has given rise to increased crime and criminals make its use from any place any time. But given the benefits of the system this aspect of the facility is ignored.

The mobile phones are improving further. They can be used now in making use of internet facilities thus giving lots of additional benefits to its users.

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