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A Memorable Day of My Life

The memorable day of my life is the day of my sister’s marriage. It was an arranged marriage and the preparations kept going on for many weeks. There were the hectic schedules of shopping and arranging for all the things. The party was to be given in a Marriage Hall near our house. The day started with a lot of hustle and bustle. All the relatives and friends started gathering from early morning. I kept moving without a break. Things moved in my mind naturally. I attended each and every detail diligently. The groom was to be received in the evening. The hall was tastefully decorated. Everything was arranged suitably and the Barat arrived at the appointed time with all tom-tom and celebration. The joy of the Barati’s knew no bounds. They danced and played to the tune of the Band. Everyone enjoyed the tasty dishes arranged for them. The guests from our side also tasted all foods. I kept very busy all the time. Now looking for the aspirations of the bride, my sister, and then arranging for an instant arrangement of something demanded by any of the guests.

Soon the formalities of the actual marriage was over amongst lot of fun and dazzle of photographers and video men. Then came the occasion- for bidding farewell to the bride. The atmosphere naturally turned to very grave. Tears were seen in the eyes of everyone. The bride seemed to be shattered under the influence of everything hectic all day and night. She was weeping bitterly and I also could not control my tears. It seemed that my dear sister who was the dearest possession of my life was being taken away forever. The condition of my parents was worse. They also bade good-bye to their beloved daughter with a very heavy heart. Everyone had to console himself with the’ thought that it was the ultimate reality of a women’s life.

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