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A Fire Accident

Fire is a curse as it can destroy a great amount of property sometimes even lives.

The most dreadful sight is that of a house on a fire.

One day I was sleeping on the terrace of my home when suddenly I was awakened by the cries “Fire ! Fire !” “Help! Help”. I saw that one of my neighbours’ house on the left was engulfed in flames. Thick cloud of smoke was coming out of the windows. In the meantime people from other houses had also come out, and were trying to douse the fire by throwing water on it.

It was a very horrible site as the flames kept spreading to all parts of the house. Being winter, the wind blew up and began to fan the flames; as a result the house was soon completely in fire. The lady of the house was wailing and crying hysterically as her children were stuck in the bedroom of second floor.

Soon the fire brigade arrived and tried to douse the fire with huge showers. One of the firefighters was able to rescue the children from the burning bedroom. In this rescuing process the firefighter and the children had received some burn injuries, and were immediately taken care by the doctors.

It was with great difficulty that the fire could be brought under control. The fire had done a lot of damage to the property but the best thing was that there was no loss of lives.

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