Essay on “A Farewell Party” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

A Farewell Party

Whenever the students of a senior class are about to leave their institution, they are given a farewell party. A function is organized in their honor by the junior students. The occasion is full of mixed feelings, both joy and sorrow. It is remembered by one and all in the whole life. We have also given a farewell party before the final examination about to commence.

I arrived at the school at 4 p.m. I was greatly impressed to see the arrangements. The open-air theatre was tastefully decorated with balloons, flowers and festoons. The principal was to be seated on sofa in front of the stage. The staff members were to sit on the chairs in the first row. In the next rows, the outgoing students were seated. The host class was busy in making different arrangements.

The party began well in time. At first a variety of show was presented. The stage was conducted by a brilliant speaker of the junior class. First of all he called a student named Jagroop Singh to deliver a farewell speech. He made a moving and emotional speech. His speech was full of praise for the outgoing class. He also highlighted the qualities of the students and also their contribution to the institution. He also extended them good wishes on behalf of others. He prayed for their success and bright future. His way of presentation brought tears in the eyes.

After his speech, a skit was presented. Students sang songs of both joy and sorrow. This was done to break the seriousness of the occasion. Then I was called at the stage to say a few words on behalf of my class. I thanked the host class and got blessings from our teachers. I landed the good arrangements made by the hosts and accepted their good wishes when I was speaking. I was feeling sad because of separation from my old and august institution.

In the end, the Principal made an impassioned speech. In his farewell message, he gave us some pieces of advice. He made a fervent appeal to build character on sound lines. After his encouraging speech, the function came to an end. Last of all the students had a sumptuous tea with the Principal and the members of the teaching staff. While leaving we felt very sad.

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