Essay on “A Day without Electricity” for School, College Students, Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

A Day without Electricity

It is well-nigh impossible to dream of living in the absence of electricity. We are absolutely dependent on it. Our activities grind to a halt in her absence, It is her absence that make us appreciate her value and worth. We light our homes with electricity. Electric appliances provide us with cool atmosphere in summer and warmth in winter. Electricity runs trains and she makes them smoke free. Swift means of communications function because of her, Medical instruments, entertainment machines, irrigation systems and printing tools are totally at her mercy. Now imagine if she goes away for a day or so. Life without her becomes hellish. Banks stop working, offices keep their pens down, patients moan, commuters have to take forced leave, students suffer, examinees study in candle light, little kids cry, hand fans go ineffective, factories grind to a halt and production suffers and what not. The day passes somehow or the other but the night time becomes torturing. Traffic signals fail and accidents take place. Robbers and anti-social elements have a golden chance. If it is summer, the time seems to drag on forever while we perspire in the humid atmosphere. People curse the electricity department and many a time it has to face the public wrath. No electricity even for a day proves that we are helpless in spite of being the conquerors of natural forces. How much slavish our life is and electricity, man’s own creation, has become his master.

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